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COSSA annual meeting
Budget, Policy, and Substance Frame COSSA Annual Meeting

The Consortium of Social Science Associations (COSSA) held its annual meeting in Washington, DC on November 8. Approximately 80 representatives of COSSA members, affiliates, and contributors were present along with more than a sprinkling of others in the social science leadership. With "something for everyone" on the agenda, the meeting provided attendees with a very real sense of the daily work of COSSA on social and behavioral science budgets, research-related policy, and substantive opportunities for research and effective communication about it.

Two high-ranking science leaders addressed the group: Joe Bordogna, Deputy Director of the National Science Foundation (NSF), and Alan Leshner, Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).

For his part, Bordogna signaled that the social and behavioral sciences should have more attention by NSF in the years ahead. "We are and always will be a 'social' universe," he said. He note that social science has an "underfunded infrastructure." Consistent with NSF's priorities, he emphasized that science funding and research must proceed collaboratively so that connections and crossovers across all fields of science are drawn. Semmingly less well-briefed on the payoffs from social and behavioral science, he cited examples from other fields about the value of NSF investments.

  Reflections in 1999


Just 80 years ago, in 1919, the American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) was established to represent the United States within the Union Academique Internationale (UIA) which itself was just established "to encourage cooperation in the advancement of studies in those branches of learning promoted by the Academies... philosphy, archaeology, history, the moral, political, and social sciences."

ASA elections
  Candidates for ASA Offices, Council, Committees

The American Sociological Association wishes to announce the candidates for all ASA Offices, Council, the Committee on Publications, and Committee on Nominations. Ballots will be mailed no later than May 15, 2000. Nominated candidates are:

Randall Collins, University of Pennsylvania
Barbara F. Reskin, Harvard University

Vice President-Elect
Elijah Anderson, University of Pennsylvania
John Hagan, Northwestern University

David L. Featherman, University of Michigan
Arne L. Kalleberg, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

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