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Candidates for ASA Offices, Council, Committees

The American Sociological Association wishes to announce the candidates for all ASA Offices, Council, the Committee on Publications, and Committee on Nominations. Ballots will be mailed no later than May 15, 2000. Nominated candidates are as follows:

Randall Collins, University of Pennsylvania
Barbara F. Reskin, Harvard University

Vice President-Elect
Elijah Anderson, University of Pennsylvania
John Hagan, Northwestern University

David L. Featherman, University of Michigan
Arne L. Kalleberg, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Michael Burawoy, University of California-Berkeley
Craig Calhoun, Social Science Research Council and New York University
David B. Grusky, Cornell University
Donald J. Hernandez, State University of New York-Albany
Charles Hirschman, University of Washington
Barbara Risman, North Carolina State University
Lynn Smith-Lovin, University of Arizona
Ivan Szelenyi, Yale University

Committee on Publications
Ronald J. Angel, University of Texas-Austin
Daniel B. Cornfield, Vanderbilt University
Roger Gould, University of Chicago
Douglas McAdam, Stanford University

Committee on Nominations
Susan Gonzalez Baker, University of Texas-Austin
Clem Brooks, Indiana University
Jeffrey Chin, Lemoyne College
Dan Clawson, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Glenn Firebaugh, Pennsylvania State University
Heather Haveman, Columbia University
Joyce M. Iutcovitch, Keystone University Research Cooperation
Jerry A. Jacobs, University of Pennsyl-vania
Margaret K. Nelson, Middlebury College
Robin Stryker, University of Iowa
Rubèn Rumbaut, Michigan State University
Min Zhou, University of California-Los Angeles

These candidates have been nominated by the Committee on Nominations and, for the Committee itself, by the At-large members of Council. As is stated in the By-Laws, additional candidates may be nominated through the open nominations procedure. Petitions supporting candidates for the offices of President-Elect and Vice President-Elect must be signed by at least 100 voting members of the Association; petitioned candidates for other positions must receive the support of at least 50 voting members. Individuals may send in a petition for a candidate via mail or fax, but all petitions must bear a member's signature. All petitions must arrive in the Executive Office by January 31, 2000, to the attention of Svetlana Durkovic, Governance Coordinator, fax (202) 638-0882.