December 2015 Issue • Volume 43 • Issue 8

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Council Establishes Task Force on Contingent Faculty

In response to the “Resolution in Support of Contingent Faculty Remuneration” brought forward at the ASA Business meeting in August 2015, and based on preliminary research by John Curtis, Director of the ASA Department of Research on the Discipline and Profession, Council has voted to establish a three-year Task Force on Contingent Faculty.

The charge to this Task Force is to explore the dynamics and implications of the recent growth of contingent employment among sociologists in the context of the broader structural transformations now underway in U.S. universities and in comparison to other disciplines.

The Task Force is asked to examine and document:

The Task Force will also review past and present efforts of other scholarly associations to address these issues, and make recommendations to ASA Council as to how the Association can best address the challenge these developments present to our field.

Call for Task Force Volunteers

The Task Force will have representation from different types of colleges and universities and will have a term of three years, starting in March 2016 and concluding in August 2019. It will meet on a regular basis through conference calls; task force members will have opportunities to engage in gathering and analyzing data, developing recommendations, and writing. If you are interested in serving on this task force, send a letter of interest and curriculum vitae to John W. Curtis, ASA Director of Research,, by Monday, February 1, 2016.

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