December 2014 Issue • Volume 42 • Issue 9

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The Committee on Revising the Code of Ethics

Thomas Van Valey, Western Michigan University

At the Annual Meeting in San Francisco, ASA Executive Officer Sally Hillsman met with the Committee on Professional Ethics (COPE) and suggested that it was time to revisit the Code of Ethics. It has been more than 15 years since any revisions were made to the Code, and a great deal of change has taken place. At the very least, regulatory and technological advances have had striking impacts on the field. Moreover, it is anticipated that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services will soon announce changes to the “Common Rule,” which governs the vast majority of human subjects research efforts (see

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ASA Partners with Interfolio to Bring Big Benefits to Members, Department Affiliates

Jamie Panzarella, ASA Publications

The American Sociological Association is pleased to announce a new partnership with Interfolio, a trusted provider of higher education credential management and decision-making services for academic committees.

Founded in 1999, Interfolio’s mission is to support the scholar at every stage of their careers with innovative software that simplifies and improves the work of applicants, letter writers, and search committee members. In 15 years, Interfolio has helped more than 800,000 scholars manage their credentials, secured over one million confidential letters of recommendation, and delivered more than seven million documents.

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2015 ASA Election Candidates

The American Sociological Association is pleased to announce the 2015 slate of candidates for ASA Officers, Committee on Nominations, Committee on Publications, and Committee on Committees. Ballots for the 2015 ASA election will be sent in spring 2015.

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Council Bestows its Appreciation for Cora Marrett

Jean Shin, ASA Minority Affairs Director, with Cora B. Marrett on November 13.

On August 19, 2014, in San Francisco, ASA Council approved a Resolution of Appreciation for Cora B. Marrett. Marrett was the National Science Foundation (NSF) Deputy Director from May 2011 to August 2014. She also served as NSF’s acting director, acting deputy director, and senior advisor. She was also the assistant director for Education and Human Resources. From 2001 to 2007, Marrett was the University of Wisconsin System’s Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and served concurrently as a Professor of Sociology. A plaque with the wording of the Resolution was bestowed to her on November 13, 2014, at a COSSA Board reception.

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