December 2013 Issue • Volume 41 • Issue 8

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Wendy Baldwin Retires as Population Reference Bureau President and CEO

Wendy Baldwin

Sociologist Wendy Baldwin has resigned from her role as the president and CEO of the Population Reference Bureau (PRB), effective in early November. She will assume a senior consulting role at PRB until January 31, 2014.

Baldwin, a social demographer, has been an active member of the ASA for more than 25 years, including as part of the ASA Executive Office and Budget Committee (2005, 1992). Before joining PRB, she was the Executive Vice President for Research at her alma mater, the University of Kentucky, where she helped lead their research endeavors. In addition, she spent 30 years at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), with the last nine as Deputy Director of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development at NIH. 

“Wendy brought sound program experience to PRB at an important time in PRB’s history. Her knowledge of population and health issues both in the United States and internationally benefited PRB’s mission and program expansion,” said Margaret Neuse, chair of the PRB Board of Trustees. “We are grateful for her dedication to PRB, first as a member of the Board and then as president and CEO. We know that she will remain engaged in the fields of family planning and reproductive health, and we wish her the best.”

Baldwin became PRB’s president and CEO on June 27, 2011. Prior to joining PRB, she was vice president and director of the Population Council’s Poverty, Gender, and Youth Program.

“PRB is an outstanding organization and I feel certain that it will become even stronger in the coming years,” said Wendy Baldwin. “Given our excellent set of funders, supportive Board members, and dedicated staff, PRB will continue to flourish.”

Baldwin will continue her many professional activities from her home in Blacksburg, VA, and end her long period of “extreme commuting.”


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