December 2010 Issue • Volume 38 • Issue 9

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Candidates for 2011 ASA Election

The American Sociological Association is pleased to announce the slate of candidates for ASA Officers, Committee on Committees, Committee on Nominations, and Committee on Publications. Ballots for the 2011 ASA election will be mailed in early May 2010. The candidates are:


Rogelio Saenz, Texas A & M

Cecilia Ridgeway, Stanford University

Vice President–Elect:

Jennifer Glass, University of Iowa

Min Zhou, University of California-Los Angeles

Council Election Slate:

Vilna Bashi-Treitler, CUNY-Baruch College

Charles Gallagher, La Salle University

Susan Silbey, MIT

Emilio Castilla, MIT

David Brunsma, University of Missouri-Colombia

David Embrick, Lloyola University

Monica Prasad, Northwestern University

Amanda Lewis, Emory University

Anita Garey, University of Connecticut

Committee on Nominations:

Hung Cam, Thai Pamona College

Neil Gross, University of British Columbia

Edward Muguia, Texas A&M University

Mignon Moore, University of California-Los Angeles

John Iceland, Penn State University

Jen’nan Read, Duke University

Guilleramina Jasso, New York University

Karyn Lacy, University of Michigan

Michael Flaherty, Eckerd College

Karen Pyke, University of California-Riverside

Lynne Haney, New York University

Nilda Flores-Gonzalez, University of Illinois-Chicago

Susan Bell, Bowdoin College

Ted Gerber, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Rebecca Clark, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

Committee on Publications:

Marlese Durr, Wright State University

James Jasper, Graduate Center CUNY

Bandana Purkayastha, University of Connecticut

Steve Vallas, Northeastern University

Committee on Committees:

At Large

David Shulman, Lafayette College

Ann Morning, New York University

Alyra Guseva, Boston University

Carla Shedd, Columbia University

2-Year School

Cenate Pruitt, Gainesville State College

Crystal Starr, Jackson Community College

Amanda Damarin, Georgia Perimeter College

MA-Granting Schools

Jyoti Puri, Simmons College

Daniel Chambliss. Hamilton College

The elected members of the Committee on Nominations prepared most of the slates of candidates for the 2011 election; the slate of candidates for the Committee on Nominations was prepared by Members-at-Large of the ASA Council. Petitions supporting additional candidates for the offices of President-Elect, Vice President-Elect, and Secretary must be signed by at least 100 voting members of the association; petition candidates for other positions must receive the supporting signatures of at least 50 voting members. All petitions must arrive by January 31, 2010. In order to be eligible to vote in the 2011 election, you must renew your membership by March 31. If you have any questions about the slate of candidates or the petition process, e-mail or call (202) 383-9005. logosmall

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