December 2008 Issue • Volume 36 • Issue 9

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2009 ASA Coupon Listings
Are Online Now!

ASA members receive a minimum of 15% off select books, journal subscriptions, and software. Visit the "Members Only" area of the ASA website to browse the listings. If you see something you want, print and fill out the order coupon and mail it to the address provided. This is a members-only benefit for current ASA members! If you have not renewed yet, be sure to do so in order to access this and other member only benefits after January 1.


The American Sociological Association offers ASA members access to the JSTOR database of full-text ASA journals as an additional member benefit of membership. JSTOR is a wonderful benefit for individuals who are unaffiliated with institutions that have a site license for the entire JSTOR database.

For $40 for the full 2009 calendar year, ASA members can purchase access to all ASA journals in the JSTOR program, including American Sociological Review, Contemporary Sociology, Journal of Health and Social Behavior, Social Psychology Quarterly, Sociological Methodology, Sociological Theory, and the Sociology of Education. JSTOR subscribers may search for articles by author, title, or key words in the article. Once you find the appropriate article, JSTOR gives you the option of downloading or printing the information.

Funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, JSTOR is a non-profit program developed to convert back issues of paper journals into electronic formats while simultaneously improving access to journal content. Access to ASA journals is available through JSTOR from the inaugural year of each journal through the volume published two years prior to the current year. (For example, full-text issues of the American Sociological Review are available from 1936 through 2006.)

Members may register with JSTOR by renewing ASA membership for the 2008 calendar year at If you have already renewed your membership and you are interested in subscribing to JSTOR, please visit for more information.

For complete information on these and other ASA member benefits, visit

Membership in ASA benefits you!


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