April 2009 Issue • Volume 37 • Issue 4

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ASA Research Briefs Available Online

Decreasing the Leak from the Sociology Pipeline: Social and
Cultural Capital to Enhance
the Post-baccalaureate Sociology Career

This research brief explores how outside-the-classroom activities—
particularly those that focus on job readiness—help lead BA sociology graduates to careers they perceive as closely related to their degree. 

What Is Happening in Your Department? A Comparison of Findings
from the 2001 and 2007 Department Surveys

This is the first in a series of research briefs, which provide
peer comparisons on structure, enrollment and degrees, faculty size, and use of assessment in sociology departments.

For free access to these research briefs and others, see the
“Research and Stats” page at www.asanet.org.

The Department Resources Group

Here to Help with Program Review, Assessment,
and Curriculum Development

Now offering off-site consulting and a mentors program for new department chairs, directors of graduate studies programs, assessment coordinators, and others with key roles in the department.

Contact: ASA Academic and Professional Affairs Program (202) 383-9005 x323 or apap@asanet.org


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