Section on Political Sociology


Mission Statement

The purpose of the Section on Political Sociology is to promote the scholarly research and professional activities of those concerned with a sociological understanding of political phenomena. The phrase "sociological understanding" is interpreted to encompass the wide variety of theoretical and associated methodological approaches with which sociologists attempt to describe and explain social phenomena. The phrase "political phenomena" is interpreted to encompass the wide variety of topics that sociologists investigate, including social and cultural bases of power and authority.

Section Officers 2013-2014

Chair: Ann Mische University of Notre Dame
Chair-Elect: Isaac William Martin University of California San Diego
Past Chair: Judith Stepan-Norris University of California, Irvine
Secretary/Treasurer: Rhys H. Williams Loyola University Chicago

Section Council

Kathleen M. Fallon State University of New York at Stony Brook 2014
Edward T. Walker UCLA 2014
Anne N. Costain University of Colorado-Boulder 2015
Catherine Lee Rutgers University 2015
Gregory Hooks Washington State University 2016
Stephanie Lee Mudge University of California-Davis 2016