Section on Inequality, Poverty and Mobility Call for Awards


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All Awards have a deadline of March 1, 2013

Outstanding Book Award

Awarded annually for a book published in the three calendar years preceding the ASA annual meeting at which the award is bestowed. Award Committee Chair: David Harding,

Outstanding Article Award

Sponsored annually for an article published in the calendar year preceding the ASA annual meetings. Award Committee Chair: Cheol-Sung Lee,

Outstanding Graduate Student Paper Award

Sponsored annually for a graduate student paper presented at a professional conference during the calendar year preceding the ASA annual meetings or published during the same time period. Award Committee Contact: Steve Morgan,

Robert M. Hauser Distinguished Scholar Award

Awarded annually to mark and celebrate the field’s most fundamental accomplishments. Award Committee Co-Chairs: David Brady,; Claudia Buchmann,;

William Julius Wilson Early Career Award

Awarded annually to recognize a scholar who has made major contributions early in his/her career. Persons who received their highest degree within the previous ten years shall be eligible to receive this award. Award Committee Chair:  David Brady,