Consumers and Consumption Section Call for Awards Nominees



ASA Sociology of Consumers and Consumption Section Student Paper Award

The Sociology of Consumers and Consumption Section Student Paper Award goes to the graduate student whose paper makes the best original contribution to the understanding of ideas about, and practices of, consumption.  The sociology of consumption, broadly defined, includes subjects dealing with theoretical and/or empirical questions related to consumers, commodities, and/or consumer markets, and engages with a larger body of research on these topics.  As long as the central focus is consumption, the paper may be influenced by disciplines and sub-fields ranging from the sociology of culture, the environment, and the body; and economics, political economy, and economic sociology; to comparative, historical, and political sociology. The competition is open to both published and unpublished article-length papers (roughly 25 pages in length without tables or references) written by a graduate student in the last two years (2012 or 2013). The committee will accept sole-authored and multiple-authored papers as long as the applicant is the lead or senior author.  No student-faculty collaborations can be accepted. The Committee will select the paper that demonstrates the most thoughtful, competent or innovative analysis of a theoretical or empirical issue bearing upon some aspect of the sociology of consumption. Please send all papers electronically to the committee chair, Amy Hanser, by March 1, 2014.


Amy Hanser, University of British Columbia (chair)
Zsuzsanna Vargha, University of Leicester,
John Lang, Occidental College,