New Section Officer Orientation Podcasts

This is an audio recording of the New Section Officer Orientation Session provided each year at the Annual Meeting. It corresponds to the New Section Officer Guide and PowerPoint presentation. These presentations were recorded at the 2011 ASA Annual Meeting in Las Vegas. The presenters were Jamie Arca and Justin Lini.

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1. Section Services (Mp3) 3.42mb
This presentation discusses Listservs, Websites and the services that the Executive Office provides for Sections.

2. Membership (Mp3) 3.50mb
This presentation discusses how memberships impact Section Budgets and Session Allocations.

3. Elections (Mp3) 2.28mb
This session discusses Section Elections and Amending Bylaws.

4. The Annual Meeting (Mp3) 3.74mb
This session covers planning for each year's Annual Meeting.

5. The Committee on Sections and Annual Reports (Mp3) 1.49mb
The final session covers the role of the Committee on Sections and Annual Reports.

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