Section on Community and Urban Sociology

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Mission Statement

Members of the Section on Community and Urban Sociology explore new social theory and develop empirical research on groups living, working, and communicating across geographical boundaries, including cities, suburbs, and rural areas, as well as electronic communities and other spaces.

Section Officers 2015-2016

Chair: Kevin Fox Gotham Tulane University
Chair-Elect:Deirdre Aine Oakley, Georgia State University
Past Chair: Ray Hutchison, Univ. of Wisconsin-Green Bay
Section Secretary/Treasurer: Jacob S. Rugh, Brigham Young University 2017

Section Council

John Iceland, Penn State University 2016
Jeffrey M. Timberlake, University of Cincinnati 2016
Michael D.M. Bader, American University 2017
Nicole P. Marwell, Baruch College/CUNY 2017
Andrew Deener, University of Connecticut 2018
Rachael A. Woldoff, West Virginia University 2018

Publications Committee

Marcus L. Britton, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 2016
Laura M. Tach, Cornell University 2016
Chenoa Flippen, University of Pennsylvania 2017
Yuki Kato, Tulane University 2017
Ann Owens, University of Southern California 2018
Nikki Jones, Univ of California, Berkeley 2018

Student Representative: Kevin P. Loughran, Northwestern University 2016

Membership Committee:

Chair: Andrew Deener, University of Connecticut
Robert Adelman, SUNY Buffalo, 
Kevin Fox Gotham, Tulane University  
Jennifer Darrah-Okike, Harvard University   
Jerome Hodos, Franklin and Marshall College

CUSS  Archives:  Deirdre Oakley, Georgia State University
CUSS Newsletter:  William Holt,  Southern Connecticut State University  
CUSS Webmaster:  Ray Hutchison,  University of Wisconsin-Green Bay