Section on Animals and Society Award Recipients

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The Section on Animals and Society Award for Distinguished Graduate Student Scholarship

Year Recipient Affiliation Publication
2015 Braden Leap  

2014. “Collective Troubles: Transforming Neoliberalism through Interaction with Nonhumans.” Geoforum 56(1): 182-191.

2014 Ryan Gunderson Michigan State University

2013 “From Cattle to Capital: Exchange Value, Animal Commodification, and Barbarism.” Critical Sociology39(2), 259-275.

2013 Loredana Loy New York University.

“The Social Impact of Cinematic Discourse”

2010 Benjamin Merriman University of Chicago “Putting Animals to Work: The Ideology of Animal-Based Production and the Problem of Interspecies
2009 Benjamin Merriman University of Chicago The Biological and Historical Animal: Toward a Usable Marx.
2008 Elizabeth Cherry University of Georgia "Deconstructing Symbolic Boundaries: Cultural Strategies of New Social
2007 Colter Ellis University of Colorado "Negotiating Contradictions: Human-Nonhuman Animal Relationships in Cattle Ranching."

The Section on Animals and Society Award for Distinguished Scholarship

Year Recipient Affiliation Publication
2013 Co-Winner Richard York and Philip Mancus.   2013. “The Invisible Animal: Anthrozoology
and Macrosociology.” Sociological Theory.
31(1): 75-91.

Lisa Jean Moore and Mary Kosut

Purchase College – SUNY

Buzz: Urban Beekeeping and the Power of the Bee (New York University Press, 2013).

2013 Co-Winner

David Grazian,

University of Pennsylvania. Where the Wild Things Aren’t: Exhibiting Nature in American Zoos”,  The Sociological Quarterly 53: 546-565.
2013 Co-Winner

David Nibert,

Wittenberg University. "The Fire Next Time: The Coming Cost of Capitalism, Animal Oppression and Environmental Ruin”, Journal of Human Rights and the Environment 3: 141-158.
2011 Rhoda Wilkie.   Livestock/Deadstock: Working with Animals from Birth to Slaughter. Temple University Press
2010 Amy Fitzgerald, Linda Kalof and Thomas Dietz University of Windsor, Michigan State University, Michigan State University “Slaughterhouses and Increased Crime Rates: An Empirical Analysis of Spillover
from 'The Jungle" into the Surrounding Community”, Organization and Environment, 22, 158-184, 2009,
2009 Arnold Arluke Northeastern University Just a Dog: Understanding Animal Cruelty and Ourselves (2006, Temple University Press)
2008 Colin Jerolmack New York University "Animal Practices, Ethnicity, and Community: The Turkish Pigeon Handlers of Berlin." (American Sociological
, 2007, Volume 72, December 874-894)
2007 Leslie Irvine University of Colorado If You Tame Me: Understanding our
Connection with Animals (2004; Temple University Press).

The Clifton Bryant Animals & Society Course Award

Year Recipient Affiliation Publication
2014 Liz Grauerholz University of Central Florida

Animals and Health (SYO3408)


Linda Kalof,

Michigan State University. “Animals and Social Transformations”
2010 Award Established