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Race, Gender, and Class Section


The purpose of the Section Race, Gender, and Class is bifold: first, to promote research that examines the interactive effects of race, gender, and class phenomena; second to promote a curriculum which underscores the centrality of race, gender and class phenomena. By comparing the similarities and differences in how inequalities of race and ethnicity, gender, class, and stratification are created and maintained, sociologists can develop a more powerful explanation of the nature of social inequality in general.

Section Information

This page provides general information about our section, including by-laws, benefits, how to join, annual meeting participation, and the committees and officers responsible for the section's organization.

Awards and History

This page provides information on the winners of our section's book/article and student awards. Also included are some details on the history of our section, especially the people that have been involved in its organization and expansion.


Online versions of our section's newsletter are available as PDFs. The newsletter includes symposia on important issues in the field; announcements of section activities; and essays.

Conferences and Calls for Papers

This page links to a variety of organizations and institutes in the areas of research relavent to race, gender and class in sociology. Also included are meetings and conferences.