Section on Latino/a Sociology

2013 Annual Meeting Recap

Norma Williams Workshop

By:  Juanita García

The Norma Williams Mentoring workshop is put on approximately every two years for graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and junior faculty. The purpose of this workshop is to provide professional development and to foster a supportive community among section members and participants. The workshop was hosted by our very own Latina/o Sociology section and was held on August 9, 2013 in New York City. It is named in honor of Norma Williams, a sociologist who was invested in the advancement of Latina/o scholars and other scholars of color. 

The workshop opened up with Dr. Rogelio Sáenz providing an inspirational presentation covering the legacy of Norma Williams. Norma, a native Tejana from Kingsville, TX received her PhD from the University of Texas Austin in 1984. For more information you can read her eulogy written by Gideon Sjoberg at: departments.html. In Rogelio’s inspiring presentation of Norma’s life, research, and service, his message was: “We must continue to honor Norma Williams by mentoring and creating opportunities for the younger generations of Latina/o scholars and other scholars of color.” This indeed is the goal of the Norma Williams Mentoring Workshop.

The planning committee put together an amazing group of passionate scholars to participate in three panels covering: 1) Winning Competitive Fellowships and Grants (Graduate Student and Evaluator Experiences); 2) Getting Published (Author and Editor Perspectives); and 3) Surviving the Job Market (Recent Ph.D. and Tenured Faculty Perspectives).