Section on Family


Why Join the Section on Family?

Membership benefits include:

Your membership also helps strengthen our presence in ASA since the number of sessions allotted to the Family Section at annual meetings is proportional to our section size. Each membership makes a difference! Renewing or joining the Family section is easy! Just complete the ASA membership form online. Check the box next to the Family Section on the form.

How Can I Join the Section on Family?

The section currently has over 800 members. If you have interests in the sociology of family, we'd like to invite you to join us.

If you are already an American Sociological Association member, you can check the box for the Section on Family when you renew your ASA membership. Section Dues are just $12 per year ($5.00 for student members).

If you do not belong to the ASA, a prerequisite for section membership, we invite you to join both it and our section using an ASA application form. You can also get a membership application form by calling the ASA at (202) 383-9005.