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Sociology of Education

Section Officers

Current Officers

Chair: Douglas Downey, Ohio State University (Chair through August 2014)
Chair-Elect: Amy Binder, University of California San Diego (Chair August 2014 through August 2015)
Past Chair: William Carbonaro, University of Notre Dame (Chair through August 2013)
Secretary-Treasurer: Josipa Roksa, University of Virginia (through August 2014)


Irenee R. Beattie, University of California- Merced (through August 2015)
Jennie E. Brand, University of Southern California (through August 2016)
Susan A. Dumais, Louisiana State University (through August 2014)
Kim Goyette, Temple University (through August 2015)
Grace Kao, University of Pennsylvania (through August 2016)
Jennifer C. Lee, Indiana University (through August 2014)

Student Representative: April Sutton, University of Texas at Austin (through August 2014)

Newsletter Editor & Webmaster: Katie Condit, University of Notre Dame (through August 2014)