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Emphasis: Comparative | Emphasis: Historical | Mixed Comparative-Historical

For a more complete selection of course syllabi, try doing a search on the Syllabus Finder at the Center for History and New Media at George Mason University. This online tool searches for 994,295 syllabi at the Center for History and New Media and over 500,000 syllabi via Google.

Emphasis: Comparative

Foundations of World Politics - From Justin Rosenberg at the University of Sussex.

Global Analysis - From John Boli, PDF file at Emory University.

Global Capitalism: A New Stage of World Society Robert J.S. Ross, Dept of Sociology, Clark University

Global Change - From John Boli, PDF file at Emory University.

Globalization: Nationhood & Markets - From József Böröcz, Rutgers University.

Macrocomparative Methods - From Christopher Chase-Dunn at University of California, Riverside.

Making Sense of Globalization - From John Boli, PDF file at Emory University.

Nations, Regions and the Global Economy - From Claudia Buchmann at Duke.

Organizations and Global Competitiveness - From Gary Gereffi at Duke.

Research Seminar in Comparative Methods - From Gilbert Rozman at Princeton.

Sociology of Frontiers and Borders - From Thomas Hall at DePauw University.

Sociology of Global Politics - From Martin Shaw at University of Sussex.

World-Systems Analysis - From József Böröcz, Rutgers University.

Emphasis: Historical

Social Change - From József Böröcz, Rutgers University

Mixed Comparative-Historical

Comparative and Historical Sociology - Graduate seminar by Mathieu Deflen, University of South Carolina, 2004.

Comparative/Historical Methods - From József Böröcz, Rutgers University.

Seminar on Comparative and Historical Sociology - From Xueguang Zhou at Duke University.

The World Since 1500 - From William Meyers at Wake Forest University.

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Area Resources

Center for History and New Media - A useful collection of sources for historical research at George Mason University.

Columbia International Affairs Online - A service for research in international affairs. Features a database of working papers, proceedings, journal abstracts, statistics, and books.

Available Data Sources for Sociologists - ASA provides this on-line resource, with information derived from the Data Resources Poster Session held at the 2000 Annual Meeting.

History Directories: The History Guide - The History Guy - History on PBS - The History Page - The History Place - WWW-Virtual Library History: Central Catalogue - Histor - Lessons From the Past? - World History Chart with HyperHistory Online

History Matters - A project of the American Social History Project of the City University of New York and the Center for History and New Media at George Mason University.

International Affairs Resources - From the WWW Virtual Library. Presents over 2000 annotated links in a range of international affairs topics.

International Agencies and Information on the Web - At the University of Michigan Documents Center.

Sociology and Social Science Resources - At Stony Brook University Libraries.

General Sociology Resources

This Week in Sociology - A sociology news site with articles updated weekly; out of Stonehill College.

WWW Virtual Library: Sociology - Developed and maintained at McMaster University in Canada, this is a good jumping off point to begin your exploration of the world of sociology on the Internet

Intute: Social Sciences Guide to Sociology on the Internet - Formerly known as SOSIG (Social Sciences Information Gateway), Intute is a British site compiled by editors at the University of Surrey.

Using the Internet for Sociological Research - From Monash University Library, Australia. - Julian Dierkes' comprehensive guide to sociology on the Internet

SocioWeb - An independent guide to the sociological resources available on the Internet, compiled by Mark Blair at Sonoma State University

A Sociological Tour Through Cyberspace - A guide put together by sociologist Michael Kearl at Trinity University in San Antonio, TX. - The website of the Social Science Information System based at the University of Amsterdam

UNE Resources for Sociology - A general resource for sociology students and researchers, assembled by the Social Work program at the University of New England.