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Undergraduate and graduate students are very much encouraged to contact the Web Editor with ideas to improve this page.


Greetings, Grads - Are you interested in discussing your research, meeting like-minded peers, and discussing the latest academic developments with senior scholars?

The Global & Transnational and Comparative & Historical sections of the ASA are jointly sponsoring a grad mentoring and networking lunch at the August meetings, Monday the 12th. Venue tba.

The meeting will feature brief commentaries by senior scholars on the intellectual lay of the land, followed by conversation in small groups surrounding topics of mutual research interest. Lunch to be served!

The gathering is open to all interested. To participate, please send your name, affiliation, email and a one or two paragraph description of your research interest(s), whether ongoing or prospective, to:

Chris Muller --

Nick Wilson --

Julia Adams --

Julian Go --

Everyone is welcome, and we look forward to August 2013 in NYC!


Undergraduate and graduate students with interests in comparative and historical sociology receive a wide variety of benefits from participating in the American Sociological Association and its Comparative and Historical Sociology section. Here we provide a brief overview of some of the benefits (based on materials provided from the ASA website):

Student Membership Benefits - Including free publications.

Student Forum and Honors Program - Networks for sociology students.

Membership Application - How to become a member.

Student Membership Benefits

Students are offered several opportunities for involvement in the ASA and its various sections. These early efforts are very rewarding to get better acquainted with the wonderous world of professional sociology and will be extremely hopeful to professional careers later in life.

Among the many benefits of ASA membership are:

  • Footnotes - Copies of the official ASA newsletter are included in membership. Previous issues are also available online.
  • ASA journals - Two ASA journals of your choice are included in student membership.
  • CHS Newsletter - When you join the section, you will receive a PDF copy of our section's newsletter as soon as it becomes available.
  • Reinhard Bendix Award - The section annually awards a prize for the best student paper in the areas of comparative and historical sociology.

As sociologists develop their interests in different ways, they begin to explore a diversity of specialized subjects within the field as a whole. Sociologists with similar interests have formed a variety of sections within the ASA, which you as a student are welcomed and encouraged to join. Sections are represented at the annual meeting and play an important role in shaping it.

ASA Sections - Sections offer an excellent opportunity for networking and exchanging information. Sections welcome student involvement and offer special programs, awards, and dues for student members.

ASA Annual Meeting - Yearly gathering of professional sociologists, including section panels and student presentations. The theme for the 2008 meeting is "Worlds of Work."

Student Forum and Honors Program

The ASA Student Forum - Recognizing and encouraging the growth of student members, ASA Council conceived of the Student Forum as helping students "connect" to the important opportunities and activities of the Association and its specialty sections. All students who join ASA as student members automatically become members of the Student Forum, receive the mailings and electronic communications, and have access to the programming. The Student Forum also encourages particiption at the annual meeting.

The ASA Honors Program - The Honors Program has become an integral part of the ASA meetings each year. Meeting rooms and times are assigned for the Honors Program by the ASA. Students in the Honors Program present papers and organize several social events and a business meeting. Honors Program participants share the experience by attending sessions together; they share the cost of the meetings by sharing hotel rooms and traveling together.

Membership Application

Students who wish to become a member of the American Sociological Association and the Comparative and Historical Sociology section, can consult the Section Information: How to Join information on this homepage.

To join or renew your membership, simply click here. You will also have the opportunity to join the Section on Comparative and Historical Sociology in the process of completing the form(which we strongly encourage you to do!). For more information please contact the ASA membership division at:

American Sociological Association
1307 New York Avenue, N.W., Suite 700
Washington, DC 20005-4701
Phone: ( 202) 383-9005; Fax: (202) 638-0882

Consult the ASA Student Site, where you can find out more about how to meet and interact with other students interested in the field of sociology; the ASA annual meetings; forms of student involvement in the ASA; the ASA Honors program; careers in sociology; funding opportunities; and a lot more. See also this site's Section Information page for further details.



Graduate Rankings Historical Sociology - Rankings of graduate sociology programs with concentrations in historical sociology. From U.S. News & World Report.

Comparative Sociology Graduate Program at Florida International University - This program provides an opportunity to integrate the traditional strengths of sociology and anthropology by combining theory and empirical research with qualitative and quantitative methods.

Comparative and Historical Sociology at Duke - Short introduction to the sociological concentration area.

Comparative Sociology at Maryland - Department of Sociology, University of Maryland, College Park, MD.

Historical & Comparative Sociology at McMaster - Introduction to the course concentration in comparative sociology at the graduate and undergraduate levels at Mcmaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.

Comparative Sociology at Puget Sound - The Comparative Sociology Department is rooted in two disciplinary traditions: sociology and anthropology.

Core Module: Historical Sociology - University of York. An introduction to the traditions in social theory that have sought to understand the nature of societies by treating them as aspects of a process of historical development.

International Relations and Politics at Sussex - Overview of the program.

See also these interdisciplinary international studies programs:
American University School of International Service - Bucknell University - California International Studies Project - Einaudi Center for International Studies at Cornell University - Coventry University School of International Studies & Social Science - David M. Kennedy Center for International Studies - DePaul University - Flinders University School of Political and International Studies - Edmund A. Walsh School of Public Service at Georgetown University - Jawaharlal Nehru University School of International Studies - Kennesaw State University - Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University - Whitehead School of Diplomacy and International Relations at Seton Hall University - Stanford University Division of International Comparative & Area Studies - Universidad Complutense de Madrid - Centre of International Relations at the University of British Columbia - University of California, Irvine Center for Global Peace and Conflict Studies - University of Kent, Canterbury - Politics and International Studies at University of Leeds - Center for International Development and Conflict Management, University of Maryland - Center for International Studies, MIT - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Curriculum in International and Area Studies - University of Oregon International Studies Program - University of Pittsburgh Center for International Studies - University of the Pacific School of International Studies - University of Wales, Aberystwyth - Jackson School of International Studies at the University of Washington - International Studies at the University of Wisconsin, Madison - Political Science and International Relations at Victoria University of Wellington


The American Sociological Association has compiled helpful resources for those interested in pursuing a career in sociology, or in exploring the career options available to those with a degree in sociology. This helpful guide, available here, addresses such key questions as:

  • What can I do with a degree in Sociology?
  • How can I make the most of an undergraduate sociology major?
  • What kinds of job, internship, service learning and other prospects does a sociology degree offer?
  • What should I know about getting graduate training in sociology?
  • If I'm already a professional sociologist, how can I improve my teaching, research, and practice of my profession?

If you're looking for a job, consult the ASA Job Bank, which offers listings job openings across the country. For more information, consult the careers and jobs page at the ASA website.