Comparative and Historical Sociology Section

Section Mini-Conference


Columbia University New York City August 14, 2013

The Comparative and Historical Sociology and Political Sociology sections of the ASA organized a special mini-conference on “Capitalism, the Politics of Inequality, and Historical Change” held in New York City on August 14, following the annual ASA meeting at Columbia University.

The mini-conference took place at Columbia University in the International Affairs Building at 420 W. 118th Street and across the street at Schermerhorn Hall (Broadway and 116th).

Sessions included:

  • “Does Capitalism Have a Future?” with Michael Mann and critics
  • Precarious Politics: Working Class Struggles in an Era of Insecurity War and Political Order
  • Financialization and Democracy
  • The Imperial and Colonial Dimensions of Capitalism and Inequalities
  • Corporations and Social Responsibility
  • Capitalism, States, and Transformations in Global Perspective
  • Identity, Citizenship, and Political Transformation
  • The Politics of State-Industry Relations
  • The US State in Comparative and Historical Perspective
  • Violence, the State and the New Economy
  • Political Sociologists: Jr. Scholars
  • Comparative Historical Sociologists: Jr. Scholars

Conference Schedule

I. 9:00 a.m. – 10:15 a.m. Opening Plenary (Schermerhorn 501):

Does Capitalism have a future?

Michael Mann (UCLA)

Discussant: Vivek Chibber (NYU)

II. 10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Concurrent sessions

1. Capitalism, Neoliberal Globalization, and Transformation (Schermerhorn 501)

Co-Organizers: Kathleen Fallon (SUNY-Stony Brook) and Dylan Riley (UC Berkeley)

  • “Postsocialist Capitalism and Neoliberal Globalization”
  • Nina Bandelj (UC Irvine)
  • “The Transformation of Work and Citizenship under Neoliberalism: Turkey and the United States, 1980 to the Present”
  • Kaan Agartan (Framingham State University) and Cedric de Leon (Providence College)
  • “Precarious Politics: Working Class Struggles in an Era of Insecurity Collective Struggles of Unemployed in U.S. and South Africa”
  • Marcel Paret (University of Johannesburg)
  • “Theorizing Neoliberalism and Struggles Against It: The Relevance of Gramsci Movements Challenging Neoliberalism in Mexico and Bolivia”
  • Rebeca Jasso-Aguilar (University of New Mexico)
  • “Beyond Micro-Publics: The Public Sphere and Political Development.”
  • Andreas Koller (NYU)

2. Political Sociology Jr. Scholars – Politics of Contention: Movements and their Aftermath (IAB 1101)

Organizer: Victoria Gonzalez (Rutgers)

  • “Political Party Incorporation In Post-Revolutionary Mexico and Bolivia”
  • Edwin F. Ackerman (UC Berkeley)
  • “American Cities’ Policing of Social Movements: A Large-N Comparative Study”
  • Nick Adams
  • “Of Recognition and Reticence: Organizational Identity and the Problem of Policy Implementation"
  • Brian Sargent (Northwestern)

     Discussant: Ann Mische (Notre Dame)

3. Financialization and Democracy (IAB 707)

Organizer: Isaac Martin (UCSD)

  • “Credit, Democracy, and the Problem of Uncertainty: A Political Theory”
  • Simone Polillo (University of Virginia)
  • “Shareholder Democracy as Exclusionary Politics”
  • Dennis Bogusz (Cornell)
  • “Neoliberal Politics from the Bottom Up”
  • Josh Pacewicz (Brown)
  • “The Impact of Financialization: American Newspapers and the Public Sphere for Collective Action”
  • Christopher Rhomberg (Fordham)

Discussant: Caroline W. Lee (Lafayette College)

4. Comparative-Historical Jr. Scholars – The Limits of State-Society Relations (IAB 270b)

Co-organizers: Christopher Muller (Harvard) and Nicholas Hoover Wilson (Yale)

  • “Unions, Policy, and Family Values: How Labor Unions Influence Family Leave Policy in the United States”
  • Cassandra Engeman (UC Santa Barbara)
  • “Policy Entrepreneurs and the Origins of Social Policy: Child Labor Reform in 19th Century Massachusetts and Prussia”
  • Elisabeth Anderson (Northwestern)
  • “Using Automated Content Analysis to Uncover Elemental Conceptions of Political Action in the Women's Movements in Chicago and New York City, 1900-1975”
  • Laura Nelson (UC Berkeley)
  • “Making Religious Claims, Activating Imperial Chains: Rethinking Agency and Action in British India”
  • Sadia Saeed (Yale)
  • “From Madrasa to Underground and Back: Is Turkish Secularization Path-dependent?”
  • Zeynep Ozgen (UCLA)

Chair and Discussant: Richard Lachmann (SUNY-Albany)

5. Corporations and Social Responsibility (IAB 1512)

Organizer: Edward Walker (UCLA)

  • “Bringing It Back Home: Local Content Requirements, Public Regulation, and Corporate Social Responsibility”
    Emily Barman and Zophia Edwards (Boston University)
  • “Corporate Social Responsibility as Hegemonic Practice”
    Kate Pride Brown (Vanderbilt)
  • “Protecting Markets from Society: Corporate Democracy and American Securities Law, 1934-1998”
    Carl Gershenson (Harvard)
  • “Bringing historical institutionalism to the Corporate Social Responsibility debate: The long-term institutional and social consequences of the Progressive Era’s welfare work experiments”
  • Angela Kalyta (McGill)

Chair and Discussant: Edward Walker (UCLA)

LUNCH (IAB 15th floor lobby)

12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.

III. 1:15 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. Concurrent sessions

1. War and Political Order (IAB 1512)

Organizer: Dylan Riley (UC Berkeley)

  • "World War II: Was it a Wallersteinian Hegemonic Succession War?"
  • Albert J. Bergesen (University of Arizona)
  • "Power, Discourse, and Victimage Ritual in the War on Terror”
  • Michael Blain (Boise State)
  • "War and State Making in Latin America (1810-2010)"
  • Vivianne Brachet-Márquez (El Colegio de México)
  • "Culture in War: Completing the Clauswitzean Triad"
  • Thomas Crosbie (Yale)
    Discussant: Ian Roxborough (SUNY Stony Brook)

2. Political Sociology Jr. Scholars – Politics for Change: New Directions and Old Pitfalls (IAB 270b)

Organizer: Sourabh Singh (Rutgers)

  • "Redefining Legitimacy: Turkish Political Party Closure Trials, Secularism, and the Justice and Development Party"
  • Phyllis Jeffrey (UC Davis)
  • "International Development's Invisible Hand: The Rise of Non-Aligned Elites and the Internal Buffer State in Southeastern Afghanistan"
  • Daniel Koski-Karell (University of Washington)
  • "Specifying Political Opportunities: The Role of Strategic Actors and Strategic Action Fields in Social Movement Mobilization"
  • David Pettinicchio (Oxford University)
  • "Politicizing Debt in a Market Economy: The Chilean Social Housing Debtor's Movement"
  • Sebastian G. Guzman (New School for Social Research)

Discussant: Kathleen Fallon (McGill)

3. The Imperial and Colonial Dimensions of Capitalism and Inequalities (IAB 707)

Organizer: Julian Go (Boston University)

  • “The Neoliberalization of Racial Capitalism”
  • Andy Clarno (University of Illinois at Chicago)
  • “Colonial Interactions and Gender Inequality in Central'Asia”
  • Danielle Kane (DePauw) and Ksenia'Gorbenko (Penn)
  • “Teaching the Values of the Republic: The Boundaries of Belonging in French Civic Integration Programs”
  • Elizabeth Onasch (Northwestern)
  • “Explaining Long-Term (Under-)Development in the Americas: How Political Economies and Social Structures Brought About 'The Great Reversal'”
  • Timothy Wickham-Crowley (Georgetown)

Chair and Discussant: Cedric de Leon (Providence College)

4. Comparative-Historical Jr. Scholars – Forging State-Society Relations (IAB 1101)

Co-organizers: Christopher Muller (Harvard) and Nicholas Hoover Wilson (Yale)

  • “War, Women and Political Power: Rwanda and Bosnia in Global Context”
  • Marie Berry (UCLA)
  • “Field Theory as a Solution to the Structure-Agency Problem in Democracy Consolidation Theories: An Illustration Using the Case of India”
  • Sourabh Singh (Rutgers)
  • “Surveying a Kingdom, Uniformizing a Nation”
  • Alvaro Santana-Acuna (Harvard)

  • “A Second Industrious Revolution: Contemporary Rural Development
  • in China through the Lens of the 18th Century” Shaohua Zhan (Johns Hopkins)

Chair and Discussant: Jack Goldstone (George Mason)

5. Capitalism, States, and Transformations in Global Perspective I (Schermerhorn 501)

Organizer: Nitsan Chorev (Brown)

  • “States, the world economy, and industrial transformation: Explaining paths of reform in postsocialist Central and Eastern Europe”
  • Besnik Pula (Princeton)
  • “Neoliberalism Disrupted: Power Shifts at the WTO”
  • Kristen Hopewell (Michigan)
  • “The Global Logics of State Militarism: The United States and China Compared”
  • Aaron Major, Lacy Mitchell, Xhifan Luo (SUNY-Albany)

Chair and Discussant: Colin Beck (Pomona)

IV. 2:45 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. Concurrent sessions

1. Identity, Citizenship, and Political Transformation (IAB 1512)

Co-organizers: Rhys H. Williams (Loyola University Chicago) and Ruth Braunstein (NYU)

  • “America, Sacred or Profane?: The Worldviews of Pro-Immigrant Activists and Immigration Restrictionist Activists in Arizona”
  • Emine Fidan Elcioglu (UC Berkeley)
  • “Citizens, Government, and God: The democratic imagination in community organizing and the Tea Party”
  • Ruth Braunstein (New York University)
  • “Race, Religion, and the Political Incorporation of Contemporary Immigrants”
  • Prema Kurien (Syracuse)
  • “Racialized Identities and Unequal Citizenship: A Comparative-Historical Analysis of Korean Immigrants in Japan and the United States”
  • Kazuko Suzuki (Texas A&M)
  • “A Violent Dawn: The Production of Violence agaist Immigrants at the European, Greek State, and Political Party Level”
  • Steven Panageotou (University of Tennessee)

2. Violence, the State, and the New Economy (Schermerhorn 501)

Organizer: Jocelyn Viterna (Harvard)

  • “Political Violence and Subjectivity: Power / Knowledge Dynamics in the Age of Empire”
  • Michael Blain (Boise State)
  • “The ‘Pacification’ of Hunting: State Formation, Elite Conflict, and Violence in Early Modern England”
  • Jonah Stuart Brundage (UC Berkeley)
  • “From Permits to Storm Troopers: Repression, Social Control, and the Governmentality of Protest”
  • Mike King (UC Santa Cruz)
  • “Colombia’s Paper Tiger: The Intersection of Land Reform and Violence”
  • Gabriel Nelson (UCLA)
  • “American Exceptionalism—A 21st Century Look”
  • John Torpey (CUNY Graduate Center)

3. The Politics of State-Industry Relations (IAB 1101)

Organizer: Isaac Martin (UCSD)

  • “Mobilizing in the Context of Uncertainty: Social Movement Organizations and Contentious Issues of Nanotechnology Safety, Governance, and Responsible Development”
  • Cassandra Engeman and Barbara Herr Harthorn (UC Santa Barbara)
  • “Thinking Like an Economist: The Normative Effects of a Positive Discipline in Two U.S. Policy Domains”
  • Elizabeth Popp Berman (SUNY-Albany)
  • “Whither State-owned Industry? State-Owned Firms in Postsocialist Central and Eastern Europe”
  • Besnik Pula (Princeton)
  • “Water as Social Policy: Market Models, State-Society Relations, and Institutional Trajectories of Water Privatization in Post-Authoritarian Argentina and Chile”
  • Maria Akchurin (University of Chicago)

Discussant: Josh Whitford (Columbia U.)

4. The US State in Comparative and Historical Perspective (IAB 270b)

Organizer: Dylan Riley (UC Berkeley)

  • "Slavery and Capitalism”
  • John Clegg
  • "American Perceptions of Dual Citizenship”
  • Ben Herzog
  • "God in the Administrative Machine: Religion and the Construction of Public Education in the United States and Australia, 1830-1880”
  • Damon Maryl
  • "Disease Control in Britain and America during the 19th Century: Sanitation versus Quarantine."
  • Allan McCoy
    Discussant: Barry Eidlin (Wisconsin)

5. Capitalism, States, and Transformations in Global Perspective II (IAB 707)

Organizer: Nitsan Chorev (Brown)

  • “Credibility, Preferences, and Bilateral Investment Treaties”
  • Cheol-Sung Lee (Chicago)
  • “How ‘Unequal Terms of Exchange” Has Misinformed the Macrosociology of Historical Capitalist Development”
  • Samuel Cohn (Texas A&M)
  • “Transnational Theory and Method in the Social Science of Revolution: The Case of the Arab Spring”
  • Colin Beck (Pomona)
  • “World Bank Projects and Targeting in the Health Sector in Peru, Argentina and Costa Rica 1980-2005”
  • Shiri Noy (Indiana)

Chair and Discussant: Aaron Major (SUNY-Albany)

4:00 p.m. – 5:30 RECEPTION (IAB 15th floor Lobby)