Comparative and Historical Sociology Section

Comparative and Historical Sociology at the ASA

Annual Meeting 2013


Monday, Aug 12

The Return of the Revolution?

Mon Aug 12 2013, 2:30 to 4:10pm?

Session Organizer: Hazem Kandil (University of California-Los Angeles)


Containing Nationalism in World-History: A Longue Durée Analysis of State-Seeking Nationalist Movements

*Sahan Savas Karatasli (Johns Hopkins University)


Cuba and Venezuela: Revolution and Reform.

*Silvia Pedraza (University of Michigan), Carlos A. Romero (Universidad Central de Venezuela)


The Revolution Might Be Televised: The Arab Spring as the Future of Revolutions?

*Daniel P. Ritter (Stockholm University), Alexander H Trechsel (European University Institute)


Reflections on a Failed Revolution “from the Middle”: Middle-Class Breakdown and Political Hyperolarization in Venezuela, 1970s-2008

*Celso M. Villegas (Kenyon College)?Discussant: Hazem Kandil (University of California-Los Angeles)


Author Meets Critics Session:

Michael Mann’s Sources of Social Power, volumes 3 and 4

Author: Michael Mann

Critics: Edgar Kiser, Miguel Centeno, Liliana Riga, Philip S. Gorski

Mon Aug 12, 4:30-6:30


Joint Reception: Section on Comparative-Historical Sociology; Section on Political Sociology; and Section on Peace, War, and Social Conflict

Mon Aug 12 2013, 6:30 to 8:30pm




Tuesday, Aug 13

Section on Comparative-Historical Sociology Council Meeting

Tue Aug 13, 2013, 8:30-9:00


Section on Comparative-Historical Sociology Business Meeting

Tue Aug 13, 2013, 9:00-10:00

All are welcome! Awards distributed at this meeting



Section on Comparative-Historical Sociology Invited Session.

Debate: How to do Comparative Historical Research

Organizers: Andreas Wimmer, Emily Erikson

Panelists: Charles C. Ragin, Ivan Ermakoff, Julia Adams, John F. Padgett

Tue Aug 13, 2013, 10:30-12:10



Paper Session. Historical Sociology and the History of Sociology

Tue Aug 13 2013, 12:30 to 2:10pm?

Session Organizer: George Steinmetz (University of Michigan)?


Emancipation and the Sociological Tradition: The African American Contribution

*Gurminder K. Bhambra (University of Warwick)?


General Equilibrium Theory Traveling Behind the Iron Curtain

*Olessia I. Kirtchik (Moscow Higher School of Economics), Ivan Boldyrev (Higher School of Economics and Humboldt University)


The Impact Factor Fetishism

*Christian Fleck (University of Graz)?


Universities, Law, Jurisprudence, and Sociology: A History

*Eric Lybeck (University of Cambridge)?Discussant: TBA



Global and Historical Perspectives on Policy Diffusion: Mechanisms, Directions, and Levels of Analysis

Tue Aug 13, 2013, 2:30-4:10

Session Organizer: David Scott FitzGerald, David A. Cook-Martin


Categorizing Populations: How Bureaucracy Shaped Citizenship in the Former British Empire - India, Israel and Cyprus

*Yael H. Berda (Princeton)?


Complexities in Global Diffusion of Abortion Liberalization: Abortion Policy in China, Russia, and


*Elizabeth Heger Boyle (University of Minnesota), Wenjie Liao (University of Minnesota), Jasmine Trang Ha (University of Minnesota), Lisa Gulya (University of Minnesota)


How their Law Affects our Law: Mechanisms of Immigration Policy Diffusion

*David Scott FitzGerald (University of California-San Diego), David A. Cook-Martin (Grinnell College)


Producing Global Health: Global Policies and Local Actors in Gujarat State, India

*Peggy Levitt (Wellesley College), Jennifer A. Holdaway (Social Science Research Council)?


Unpacking Policy Diffusion: A Textual Analysis of Refugee and Population Policies across African


*Rachel Sullivan Robinson (American University), *Katherine Tennis (American University)


Wednesday, Aug 14

Comparative-Historical Sociology and Political Sociology Section Joint Mini-Conference:


Columbia University

See the following page for the conference program