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Current Section Officers and Council Members

Officers 2014-2015

Colter Ellis is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Sam Houston State University. His research interests are animal agriculture, gender, environmental and natural resource sociology.
Lisa Jean Moore is Professor of Sociology and Gender Studies. She is now engaged in a new research project that explores the interspecies relationships between humans and Atlantic Horseshoe Crabs (Limulus).
Elizabeth Cherry is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Manhattanville College, where she teaches courses on social movements, culture, animals, the environment, and food. Her research focuses on veganism and the animal rights movements in France and the United States.


Council Members

Corey Lee Wrenn is Instructor of Sociology with Colorado State University and Adjunct Professor of Social Psychology with Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. Research interests include critical animal studies, gender, and social movements. Administrator for Vegan Feminist Network and Academic Abolitionist Vegan, contributor to Feminspire and the Animals & Society Institute's Human Animal Studies Images and Cinema blogs.
Jennifer Sinski is a graduate teaching assistant in the Sociology Department of University of Louisville where she is currently working on her doctorate in Applied Sociology. As part of an internship requirement for her program, Jennifer is writing and researching for The Bark magazine where her article "State of Sheltering" appeared in the Fall 2013 issue. Current research includes Gender and Leadership in Animal Sheltering Organizations, and a statewide survey of animal shelters in Kentucky. In previous research Jennifer co-authored "Swinging in America: Love, Sex and Marriage in the 21st Century.
Justin Goodman is the director of Laboratory Investigations at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and an adjunct instructor of sociology and professor of global education at Marymount University in Arlington, VA. His research focuses primarily on issues surrounding the use of animals in science.
David Nibert worked as a tenant organizer and community activist before becoming professor of sociology at Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio. He teaches courses on animals and society, global change and oppressed groups. He is the author of Animal Rights/Human Rights: Entanglements of Oppression and Liberation and Animal Oppression and Human Violence: Domesecration, Capitalism and Global Conflict.
Ivy is an animal advocate guided by the belief that no animal should be abused or neglected. She currently works for the Ocean Conservancy as a manager in fundraising and has a history of working for wildlife conservation advocacy organizations. Ivy earned her Bachelor of Science in Social Psychology and her Master of Public Affairs focusing on fundraising and nonprofit management. As an independent researcher, her interests focus on animals and society with a specific lens on companion animals and pop culture, canine selfhood, puppy mills, shelter management, and the fur trade.
Nicole Owens earned her Bachelor of Science with Honors in the Major in Organizational and Industrial Psychology, her Master of Arts in Applied Sociology, a Graduate Certificate in Gender Studies, and is currently working on her doctorate in sociology at the University of Central Florida. Her current research interests lie at the intersection of animals and society, sex and gender, families, and social psychology. Nicole was the 2012 recipient of the American Sociological Association’s Jane Goodall Fellowship, and subsequently completed her Master’s thesis on the lived experiences of veterinarians. Nicole teaches Sex and Gender in Society and Sociological Social Psychology.

Social Media Administrator

Justin Goodman, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals


Newsletter Editor

Loredana Loy, New York University



Helene Lawson, University of Pittsburgh