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  1. Religion and Fertility

    by Joseph Chamie, This work is a critical investigation into the relationship between religious affiliation, on the one hand, and fertility, family size preferences, and family planning behavior, on the other. Many of the findings contradict previously accepted beliefs, such as the homogeneity of fertility behavior and attitudes among Arab Christians and Muslims. Dr. Chamie finds that religious fertility differentials cannot be explained simply by the socioeconomic characteristics of the religious groups.

  2. The Greek Peasant

    by Scott McNall, This study concerns the strategies of response and adaptation of Greek peasants subjected to major crises such as industrialization, emigration from the villages to Athens and abroad, political instability, military occupation, and war; both civil and international. The Monograph argues that the value system the Greeks have adopted historically, is essentially in conflict with the value system necessary for adaptation to a modern, bureaucratic, industrialized and democratic state. 112 pages, 1974.

  3. Middle Start: An Experiment in the Educational Enrichment of Young Adolescents

    by J. Milton Yinger, Kiyoshi Ikeda, Frank Laycock, and Stephen J. Cutler, Interested in both the structure of opportunity and the processes of socialization, the authors asked if an imaginative program to help educate and stimulate thirteen- and fourteen-year-olds could eliminate or reduce educational deficits resulting from economic deprivation and the community. In order to find this answer, the authors designed a field experiment in which they recognized the need for varied forms of intervention and for controlled observation, and analyzed its impact over a seven-year period.

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  5. Symposia

    New in 2018! Two symposia have been incorporated into the 2018 annual meeting program, one focused on teaching and learning and the other for sociologists who work in practice settings. Each symposium consists of four sessions scheduled across the course of one day, including various combinations of workshops, panels, posters, and roundtable discussions. There is no extra cost to attend the symposia. Find more details below.

    Teaching and Learning Symposium

  6. Spring 2018 Contexts Online Free until July 15

    Letter from the Editors

    Education is a central feature of our lives. Collectively, our society invests billions of dollars in schools and colleges, with the hope that they act as transformative institutions that create a society of educated and productive citizens. Most of us will spend 12 to 16 years in school—often many more. And if we have children, we obsess over their homework, their schools’ scorecards, and the doors education will open for each generation.

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    The 2018 ASA Annual Meeting provides a great opportunity to showcase your organization and its products or services to more than 5,000 leading sociologists in the U.S., Canada, and abroad. Plan now to take advantage of this opportunity to reach experienced researchers, educators, practitioners, key decision-makers, and students.

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  8. Section on Sexualities Main Page

    For many years, sexuality was approached as an individual, biological or psychological phenomena. Today, the idea of sexuality as a social fact or construction is the point of departure for much of the most exciting scholarship in the area.

    - Steve Seidman, Gil Zicklin, and Mark Hager

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    We are pleased to announce the results of the 2018 ASA election. Thank you to all the candidates who generously volunteered their service, and congratulations to the new members of our leadership team.

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