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  1. Awardees

    2017 Awardees

    Zelizer Award for Best Book

    Committee: Martin Ruef (Chair), Gabriel Abend, Debbie Becher

    Winner: Marc Steinberg

    England’s Great Transformation: Law, Labor, and the Industrial Revolution. 2016. University of Chicago Press

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    Zelizer Award for Best Book:

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  4. Program Information

    ASA is now accepting paper and other proposal submissions for the 2018 Annual Meeting. Please visit the Call for Submissions information page to learn more about the opportunities available. The deadline to submit is January 11, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern.

    Eduardo Bonilla-Silva and the 2018 Program Committee are pleased to present the confirmed roster of invited sessions.

  5. Call for Invited Session Proposals

    The program for the 2019 Annual Meeting is now taking shape under the leadership of President-elect Mary Romero and the 2019 Program Committee. The theme of "Engaging Social Justice for a Better World" invites participation across the discipline and provides many opportunities to bring together a variety of sociological work in diverse formats.

    Members are encouraged to submit session proposals for the following components of the program:

  6. Relationships: Cutting the Cord Is Easier Said Than Done

    Chances are, you have someone in your life who causes a lot of tension and stress. Difficult relationships are common. They are also commonly difficult to evade. Who are these people and why can't we just cut the cord?

    New research explores these questions and sheds light on the answers. Plain and simple: They are people you are stuck with, either because you need them or because you can't ignore them.

  7. Career Funneling: How Elite Students Learn to Define and Desire ''Prestigious Jobs

    Elite universities are credited as launch points for the widest variety of meaningful careers. Yet, year after year at the most selective universities, nearly half the graduating seniors head to a surprisingly narrow band of professional options. Over the past few decades, this has largely been into the finance and consulting sectors, but increasingly it also includes high-tech firms. This study uses a cultural-organizational lens to show how student cultures and campus structures steer large portions of anxious and uncertain students into high-wealth, high-status occupational sectors.

  8. ASA Fights Against Adding Citizenship Question to Census

    The Department of Justice recently asked the Census Bureau to include a citizenship question on the 2020 Census.  Should this proposal be favorably received, the integrity of the 2020 Census data will be fundamentally compromised.   Including a citizenship question is likely to keep some people from responding to the questionnaire and others from responding truthfully, thereby undermining the accuracy of the data.  In addition, there is no longer time to prope

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    Last updated June 22, 2017


    New Publications, Spring 2018

    Wrenn, C. L. 2018. "Why Can’t We All Just Get Along? Factionalism in Animal Rights." Critical Mass 42 (2): 4-6.