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  1. 2016

    June 2016

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  3. Peace, War, and Social Conflict

    Welcome to the Peace, War, and Social Conflict section!

    The purpose of the Section on Peace and War is to encourage the application of sociological methods, theories, and perspectives to the study of peace and war.


  4. Research Projects

    ASA Research Projects

    ASA carries out original surveys and compiles data from secondary sources on a wide range of topics. Some of the association's research activities are organized as projects that stretch over multiple years and usually result in published reports and/or presentations. Several of these projects have received funding from outside organizations. This page provides an overview of ongoing and past projects, with links to detailed information on each.

  5. Trends in Sociology

    This section contains tables and graphs on several aspects of the sociology discipline and profession, including data on the following (Microsoft Excel versions of the supporting/underlying data are also available to download, where indicated):

  6. Data Resources on Sociology as a Profession

    We use the following four data resources frequently in our reports, presentations, and for the trend data that we report on our web pages. These tools provide you with access to national postsecondary education datasets for use in your own custom reports or for your strategic planning and departmental policy purposes. Click below to access these data tools and resources.

  7. Teaching & Learning

    Teaching & Learning
  8. Teaching and Learning Resources

    Teaching and LearningFaculty

    Faculty are at the heart of the discipline of sociology. ASA offers resources and programs to support pedagogical and career success for faculty and teachers at all stages of their careers and all types of institutions.