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  1. Hubert M. Blalock

    Hubert Blalock Jr

    Hubert Morse Blalock, Jr.

    August 23, 1926 - February 8, 1991

  2. J. Milton Yinger

    J. Milton Yinger

    J. Milton Yinger


  3. Nomination and Election Policies and Procedures

    Nominations and elections in the American Sociological Association are governed by the Constitution and Bylaws, as well as by other guidelines enacted by Council. Bylaws direct that there shall be a Committee on Nominations that prepares a slate with two candidates for: President-Elect, Vice President-Elect, and Secretary-Elect. The Committee on Nominations also prepares a slate of two candidates for each opening among Council Members-at-Large, the Committee on Committees, and the Committee on Publications.

  4. ASA Petitions

    Petitioning the American Sociological Association

  5. The ASA Story

    Establishment of the Organization

    In the summer of 1905, Professor C.W.A. Veditz of George Washington University initiated a discussion among sociologists throughout the United States. He wrote to several dozen people to ask if there was need for or desire for forming an organization of sociologists. Dozens of letters were exchanged that summer. Ultimately, consensus was that the time had come for a society of sociologists in the United States.

  6. Vice Presidents

    2018 - Christopher Uggen
    2017 - Kathleen Gerson
    2016 - Barbara J. Risman
    2015 - Cecilia Menjivar
    2014 - Brian Powell
    2013 -Jennifer Glass
    2012 - Edward Telles
    2011 - David Snow
    2010 - John Logan
    2009 - Margaret Andersen
    2008 - Douglas McAdam
    2007 - Bonnie Thornton Dill
    2006 - Lynn Smith-Lovin
    2005 - Caroline Hodges Persell
    2004 - Bernice Pescosolido
    2003 - Ivan Szelenyi
    2002 - Elijah Anderson
    2001 - Richard D. Alba
    2000 - Nan Lin
    1999 - Patricia Roos

  7. Arnold M. Rose

    Arnold Marshall Rose  

    July 2, 1918 - January 2, 1968

    Arnold Marshall Rose was born July 2, 1918 in Chicago. Rose was educated at the University of Chicago, receiving his A.B. in Sociology in 1938, an A.B. in Economics in 1939, an M.A. in Sociology in 1940, and a Ph.D. in Sociology in 1946.