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  1. Denver 2012: Global and Transnational Sociology Section ASA Pre-Conference

    Thursday, August 16, 2012
    Room 112, Colorado Convention Center

    The Global and Transnational Sociology pre-conference will provide an opportunity for section members to get better acquainted with one another and to engage in lively intellectual conversations related to global and transnational sociology.

  2. Call for Nominations – 2013 Global and Transnational Sociology ASA Section Awards

    Nominations (including self nominations) are now being accepted for the 2013 Global and Transnational Sociology awards! The deadline for all nominations is March 1st 2013, and the winners will be announced at the section reception in New York. The awards are described below.

  3. 2013 Awards

    Best Scholarly Book Award

    Michael Mann, Sources of Social Power Vol. 3: Global Empires and Revolution, 1890-1945 (Cambridge University Press, 2012)

    Michael Mann delivers the third volume of his study of power "from the beginning" to our own time. The current volume explores the major European colonial empires, Communist revolutions, the rise of American empire, the Great Depression, fascism, and the two major wars of the 20th century.

  4. 2013 Council

    • Chair: Ann Swidler, University of California at Berkeley
    • Chair-Elect: John Lie, University of California at Berkeley
    • Secretary/Treasurer: Colin Beck, Pomona College


    • Nitsan Chorev, Brown University
    • Alex Hicks, Emory University
    • Nina Bandelj, University of California at Irvine
    • Sigrid Quack, Max Planck Institute, Cologne, Germany
    • Kiyoteru Tsutstui, University of Michigan
  5. Graduate Student Mentoring Lunch at ASA 2013

    An Invitation to Graduate Students

    Are you interested in discussing your research, meeting like-minded peers, and discussing the latest academic developments with senior scholars?

    The Global & Transnational and Comparative & Historical sections of the ASA are jointly sponsoring a grad mentoring and networking lunch at the August meetings, Monday the 12th. Venue TBA.

  6. 2014 Awards

    Best Scholarly Book Award

    Co-winner: Amy A. Quark, College of William & Mary, Global Rivalries: Standards Wars and the Transnational Cotton Trade (University of Chicago Press, 2013).

    Co-winner: Peter Stamatov, Yale University, The Origins of Global Humanitarianism: Religion, Empires, and Advocacy (Cambridge University Press, 2013).

  7. 2014 Council

    • Chair: John Lie, University of California at Berkeley
    • Chair-Elect: Nitsan Chorev, Brown University
    • Secretary/Treasurer: Colin Beck, Pomona College


    • Paul Almeida, University of California at Merced
    • Mounira Maya Charrad, The University of Texas at Austin
    • Julian Go, Boston University
    • Ho-fung Hung, Johns Hopkins Sociology
    • Kiyoteru Tsutstui, University of Michigan
  8. 2015 Awards

    Best Scholarly Book Award

    • Mara Loveman (UC, Berkeley) for her National Colors: Racial Classification and the State in Latin America (Oxford University Press)

    Best Scholarly Article Award

    • Malcolm Fairbrother (University of Bristol) for his “Economists, Capitalists, and the Making of Globalization: North American Free Trade in Comparative-Historical Perspective” (American Journal of Sociology)
  9. Global and Transnational Sociology at ASA 2011 (Las Vegas)

    The program for this year’s Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association is now online (at Below is a schedule of activities for the Section on Global and Transnational Sociology (most are on the last day—Tuesday, August 23rd) and related ASA Special and Thematic Sessions.

  10. Call for Papers - Global and Transnational Sociology at ASA 2012 (Denver)

    Submissions for ASA 2012 in Denver are open. Global and Transnational Sociology will have four panels—two themed and two open, which will be: