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  1. The Health of Sociology: Statistical Fact Sheets, 2007

    This factbook serves as a statistical compendium addressing subjects such as the impact of sociological journals, labor force participation for sociologists, and degrees in sociology, among other topics.

  2. Race and Ethnicity in the Sociology Pipeline

    This research brief presents data on enrollments of people of color in sociology programs, including in master's and doctoral programs, as well as postdoctoral placement and presence among academic faculty in sociology.

  3. Doctorate Recipients in Sociology, by Gender and Race/Ethnicity

    Notes: Research doctorates only. Percent based on individuals with known demographic data; the N is for gender with fewer cases for race/ethnicity. This analysis differs from the separate charts on gender and race/ethnicity; it includes only sociology degrees and is from a different data source.

  4. 2017 Guide to Graduate Departments of Sociology

    A best seller for many years, this invaluable reference has been published by the ASA since 1965 and provides comprehensive information for academic administrators, advisers, faculty, students, and a host of others seeking information on social science departments in the U.S., Canada, and abroad.