Percentage of Courses Taught by Permanent and Supplementary Faculty in Sociology Departments


Between AY 2000/01 and AY 20006/07, the median number of courses taught by full-time faculty increased, according to responses to the Department Survey. At the same time as reported course loads increased for permanent faculty, the percentage taught by adjuncts declined. There were declines in the percentage of courses taught at departments and programs at all types of schools except Master II Schools. Departments at Baccalaureate I schools had the smallest percentage of courses taught by supplementary faculty in 2001 and experienced the smallest increase (2.0 percent). Research I schools experienced the next smallest decline from about 22.7 percent of all courses to 16.7 percent of all courses. The largest declines in courses taught by supplementary faculty were at Research II and Doctoral II universities. Departments at Doctoral I universities and at Baccalaureate II schools had the highest percentage of courses taught by adjuncts in 2001, but like departments in other types of institutions of higher education, they experienced declines in the six years between surveys. The exception to this rule is the decline in the percentage of courses taught by adjunct faculty was in departments at Master's II universities.

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