First-Time, Full-Time Graduate Sociology Students in Selected Social Sciences: 1998 - 2011

Graph: First-Time, Full-Time Graduate Students in Selected Social Sciences: 1998 - 2011


This graph shows first-time Fall graduate enrollments in Economics, Political Science and Public Administration, Sociology, and Anthropology over a 13-year period between 1998 and 2011. During this time, Political Science and Public Administration both experienced the largest share of first-time full-time graduate enrollment compared to other social sciences, and the largest overall increase (almost doubling). Economics held the next largest share of first-time, full-time graduate enrollment as well as the second largest overall increase (60.2 percent), followed by Sociology and Anthropology.

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Source: National Science Foundation, Division of Science Resources Statistics, Survey of Graduate Students and Post-doctorates in Science and Engineering (graduate student survey) (Arlington, VA: NSF, 2013). Retrieved from

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