ASA Dept Survey - Percent of Departments Reporting More Ten Track Faculty Than Previous Year: AY 2000/01 and AY 2006/07

Chart: percentageof departments reporting more tenure track faculty compared to the previous year by type of institution, AY 2000/01 and 2006/07


Whether departments had more, the same, or fewer full-time faculty in their departments compared to the previous year is found by subtracting the number of faculty that left from the number of new hires. This graph shows that a majority of departments in 2008 reported having either the same number of faculty or fewer faculty compared to the previous year. While more than one-third of Research I schools (37 percent) reporting having more faculty in AY 2006/07 than in the prior year, the situation declined for Doctoral I and II, Master's I and II, and Baccalaureate I schools in the 6-year period. There was a small increase among Research II schools and Baccalaureate II schools. This relative lack of department growth leads chairs to be concerned about looming retirements and uncertain position replacement.

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