ASA Department of Research on the Discipline and Profession

About the Research Department

The Department collects primary and secondary data, builds and maintains databases, and disseminates findings in a variety of formats for a diverse audience.

Current Projects - Learn more about the Department's current and upcoming research projects.

Briefs and Articles - Download ASA research briefs, reports, chartbooks, and slideshow presentations.

Trends in Sociology - Find data on degrees, enrollment, employment, departments, funding, and salaries in sociology and other social sciences, as well as data on ASA membership.

Considering a Bachelor's or Master's Degree in Sociology? - Find out what graduates of sociology Bachelors and Masters programs did after graduating.

The Sociology Job Market - Findings from ASA studies on jobs and careers, including topics such as academic and non-academic employment, gender, race and ethnicity, salaries, career paths, job satisfaction, and aspects of sociology departments.

Project Funding - The homepage for Funding for the Advancement of the Discipline (FAD) contains information about the application process, past funded projects, and characteristics about the program.

Survey Templates Download questionnaires from ASA surveys.

Still Looking for Data? - Find links to other datasets related to post-secondary education, employment, and demographics in sociology and other disciplines.