American Sociological Association

Comparison of Assessment Tools Used for Sociology Undergraduates


Data for AY 2000-01 weighted to adjust for survey non-response based on institution type (Research, Doctoral, Master's, or Baccalaureate) in the Carnegie Classification system; data for AY 2011-12 not weighted because the breakdown of responding institutions generally corresponded with their representation in the Carnegie system.

For AY 2000-01, 461 of 617 responding departments reported use of an assessment tool(s); for AY 2011-12, 574 of 645 responding departments reported use of a tool(s).

"Alumni Survey" was not asked about on the 2000-01 survey questionnaire.

Breakdown of responses within "Other" for AY 2011-12: Course-based assessment (22.0 percent); rubric of assessment tools (19.8 percent); capstone course (16.5 percent); miscellaneous or unspecified (41.7 percent).

AY: Academic Year.


Academic Years 2000-01 and 2011-12 Department Surveys, American Sociological Association.

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