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March 2014

The Positive Consequences of Negative Stereotypes: Race, Sexual Orientation, and the Job Application Process Appendix

By David S. Pedulla 


September 2012

Stigma Allure and White Antiracist Identity Management Appendix
By Matthew Hughey

June 2012

Social Integration and Religious Identity Expression Among Dutch Muslims: The Role of Majority and Minority Group Contact Appendix
By Mieke Maliepaard and Karen Phalet

March 2012

The Impact of Education on Inter-Group Attitudes: A Multiracial Analysis

Appendix A: MCSUI & GSS Items
Appendix B: Effects of Education on Racial Attitudes by Nativity
By Geoffrey Wodtke

Secondary Transfer Effects of Intergroup Contact: A Cross-National Comparison in Europe Appendix
By Katharina Schmid, Miles Hewstone, Beate Kupper, Andreas Zick, and Ulrich Wagner

December 2011

Job Burnout and Couple Burnout in Dual-Earner Couples in the Sandwiched Generation Appendix
By Ayala Malach Pines, Margaret B. Neal, Leslie B. Hammer, and Tamar Icekson

Managing Emotional Manhood: Fighting and Fostering Fear in Mixed Martial Arts
By Christian A. Vaccaro, Douglas P. Schrock, and Janice M. McCabe

March 2011

The Norm-Activating Power of Celebrity: The Dynamics of Success and Influence Appendix
By Siegwart Lindenberg, Janneke F. Joly, and Diederik A. Stapel

December 2010

Equity, Emotion, and the Household Division of Labor Appendices
By Kathryn J. Lively, Lala Carr Steelman, and Brian Powell

Addressing Rapport Building Challenges
By Shane Sharp

September 2010

Appendix: Kids Helpline Values

By Carly Butler, Jonathan Potter, Susan Danby, Michael Emmison, and Alexa Hepburn

Correlation Matrix of All Study Variables

By Markus H. Schafer and Tetyana Pylpiv Shippee

June 2010

Michael Schwalbe's "On Craft" Photos

March 2010

Appendix: Discussion of the Additional Controls for other Stable and Situational Characteristics
By Mark Ottoni Wilhelm and Rene Bekkers

Supplemental Table
By Melissa Herman

Appendix Table : Means and Standard Deviations of Independent Variables
By Lincoln Quillian and Devah Pager

Photo Supplements
By Oksana Sarkisova and Olga Shevchenko

December 2009

Appendix: Descriptive Statistics (Means and Standard Deviations)
By David Schaefer and Olga Kornienko

September 2009

Sherry Generational Photo

Sherry Generational Photo

March 2009

Justice and the Fate of Married and Cohabiting Couples
By Kara Joyner

Growing Up Faster, Feeling Older: Hardship in Childhood and Adolescence
By Monica Kirkpatrick Johnson and Stephanie Mollborn

National Identification and Anti-immigrant Prejudice:
Individual and Contextual Effects of National Definitions

By Samuel Pehrson, Vivian L. Vignoles, and Rupert Brown

June 2008

Differences in Self-Meaning by Diagnosis

By Amy Kroska and Sarah K. Harkness

December 2007

Transcription Conventions
By Emanuel Schegloff

Add Health
By Kathleen Mullan Harris

September 2007

Are Immigrants Healthier? The Case of Depression among Filipino Americans
Krysia N. Mossakowski

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