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Online Posting Policy for Authors of ASA Journal Articles


At its August 2011 meeting, the Committee on Publications reviewed and approved a proposal from the Joint Subcommittee on Electronic Publishing to update ASA's rules on manuscript eligibility regarding online posting of manuscripts before, during, and after publication. This policy applies to the manuscript submitted for publication, not to the final copyedited published article, which may be published online only by ASA or its publisher.

All manuscripts submitted to ASA publications must be original works that have not been published elsewhere. In this age of electronic publications, editors occasionally have difficulty determining whether a manuscript that has appeared on a web site should or should not be viewed as being published previously. The following guidelines, provided in 1997 (and updated in 2011) by the ASA Committee on Publications, are intended to guide editors as they ponder the question of previous publication.

  1. ASA authors may post working versions of their papers on their personal web sites and non-peer-reviewed repositories. Such postings are not considered by ASA as previous publication.
  2. Authors that choose to post their working papers on their personal web sites are advised to protect their copyright by including a disclaimer on the paper itself. As ASA editors have an interest in protecting authors' copyright, they should advise authors of this practice whenever possible. ASA suggests that authors use the following disclaimer:
    Copyright 20__. Name of author. All rights reserved. This paper is for the reader's personal use only.
  3. Articles that have appeared in a peer-reviewed "electronic collection" or as part of a peer-reviewed "paper series" on a web site are considered by ASA to have been published previously and may not be submitted to an ASA publication.
  4. Once a submitted article has been accepted for publication, authors must, if possible, modify manuscripts or headers in non-peer-reviewed electronic collections (including their own personal web sites) to indicate that the paper is forthcoming in an ASA journal. Once the article is published, authors should modify manuscripts or headers to indicate that a revised version of the paper is now published, and should include a complete citation to the published paper.

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