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Survey Design

What Can I Do With a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology?

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Sociology majors, their parents and educators often ask, "What can bachelors-level graduates do with their degrees in sociology?" To answer this question, the American Sociological Association's (ASA) Department of Research on the Discipline and Profession developed a longitudinal study of students in the Class of 2005 who majored in sociology. Students were surveyed three times: in their senior year of college (Phase I), one year after graduation (Phase II), and two years after graduation (Phase III, in-progress). This survey offers insight into the post-graduation paths of sociology BA's and demonstrates how sociology programs enable these students as they pursue careers, enroll in graduate and professional degree programs, or both.

Download Questionnaires From Surveys of Sociology Majors

The Phase I questionnairePDF logo [ PDF format] assess what senior sociology majors have learned, asks students why they chose the major, what skills and concepts they learned, in what activities they participated, and their post-graduation plans.
The Phase II questionnairePDF logo [ PDF format] is an alumni survey used to asses whether graduates use the sociological skills and concepts they learned as undergraduates in their current education or employment activities.
 In the Phase III surveyPDF logo [ PDF format], sociology BAs are asked about their employment and graduate program experiences.
The Phase I questionnaire for the new longitudinal survey of class of 2012 sociology majors, Social Capital, Organizational Context, and the Job Market for Sociology MajorsPDF logo [ PDF format] replicates many of the questions asked in the 2005 study, but it also include questions about job searching and networking.

Visit the Bachelors and Beyond webpage to learn more about the study, view survey findings, and download research briefs. 


What Can I Do With a Master's Degree in Sociology?

In early 2009, more than 1,400 Master's candidates were invited to participate in a longitudinal study designed to answer the question: What becomes of the Masters's graduate? Do they go on to obtain PhDs? Will they immediately enter the labor market, and if so, in what types of jobs? how are these outcomes related to the sociological skills and concepts learned at this level, the planned learning experiences in which they participated, the social capital they developed, and the job placement programs that existed? 


Download Questionnaire From the Survey of Master's Candidates
The Phase I questionnaire PDF logo [ PDF format] in this longitudinal study asked Master's candidates about their undergraduate education, reasons for pursuing a Master's degree, coursework and activities completed in the program, and future career and education goals.
The Phase II questionnairePDF logo [ PDF format]  asks respondents about their current  degree, education and employment status, how closely current employment is related to sociological skills and concepts learned in the Master's programs, and the types of skills or concepts they would have liked to learn in their program.
The Phase III questionnairePDF logo [ PDF format] asks the cohort about job characteristics, job satisfaction, relation of job activities to master's skills, evaluation of their masters programs, and what skills they wished they had learned.

Visit the What Can I Do With a Masters Degree in Sociology? homepage to learn more about the Master's study, view survey findings, and download research briefs.