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Prospects for the MA/PhD Sociology Graduate


Doctoral programs in sociology prepare graduates for careers in teaching/research positions in colleges and universities (academic settings) and for research/program development careers in business, industry, and organizations (applied settings).

An academic career usually requires both a Master's and a Ph.D. degree. To be successful, you should like teaching and research. A flexible schedule and varied set of activities are advantages of the academic work life. Opportunities for academic administration provide another career avenue.

Those with advanced sociology degrees can compete for positions in corporations, think tanks, and agencies that focus on research; statistical analysis; program development, management, analysis, and evaluation; corporate planning and restructuring; and many other fields. They can also work collaboratively or independently as contract researchers and organizational consultants.

An advanced degree is crucial for working inside business, industry, and organizations as a consulting sociologist. For more responsible positions, it is worth combining M.A. level training with work experience. In the business world, people are evaluated primarily in terms of their experience, professional performance, motivation, drive, and ability to learn new skills.

Sociology graduates may wish to obtain an M.B.A. (Master's of Business Administration) in order to enhance starting salaries and lifetime earnings. Graduate education in sociology provides additional training in advanced quantitative and qualitative research methods, as well as computerized data analysis. Advanced courses in industrial sociology, group processes, organizational analysis and development, labor/industrial relations, industrial psychology, marketing, economics, and public relations round out the graduate program.

Research competence acquired in graduate school broadens employment opportunities, as does in-depth knowledge of substantive areas in sociology.

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