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The Employer's Perspective


Corporate interviewers are looking for applicants who display purpose and commitment to their future occupation. This does not mean that B.A. graduates will be hired as industrial sociologists, but that applicants may be considered for junior positions in corporate research, human resources, management, sales, or public relations.

Interviewers will seek to determine if applicants can easily adapt to organizational life in the private sector. In particular, this means the ability to work well with others as part of a team. Employers value graduates who have a keen understanding of the impact of cultural, racial, and gender diversity in the workplace, and who comprehend the global nature of business and industry.

During the job search, B.A./B.S. sociology graduates should stress their work and internship experience, analytical skills, oral and written communication skills, computer literacy, and knowledge of statistics and research design.

Those who are determined to succeed will be at an advantage. Ambition, drive, and competition are positive words in the world of business and organizations.

Tips for the job search...

  • Acquire a broad educational background
  • Gain experience through jobs, internships, and volunteer work
  • Obtain skills in public speaking, writing, and computer applications
  • Focus on an area that interests you (for example., human resources, industrial relations, management, marketing, public relations, or sales) and learn as much as you can before applying for positions.

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