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What can I do with a degree in sociology? This question can be answered in a multitude of ways, as you will discover in this new edition of the American Sociological Association's Careers in Sociology. The booklet includes a fresh definition of sociology as a discipline and profession, and profiles of students who talk about how sociology led to their current employment. It also outlines possible career paths and offers tips for how to apply to graduate school.

Careers in Sociology reflects the collaboration of a number of sociologists. The original version was prepared by Raymond W. Mack in the 1970s. A subsequent version was written by George K. Hesslink, Pomona College, with contributions from Al Gollin, Newspaper Advertising Bureau, Kiyoshi Ikeda, University of Hawaii, Thomas E. Lasswell, University of Southern California, N.J. Demerath III, University of Massachusetts, John W. Riley, Jr., consultant, Washington, DC, and Matilda White Riley, National Institute of Aging.

The 1991 version was revised by Stephen A. Buff, formerly of the ASA Executive Office and now with the U.S. Department of Commerce, with the assistance of Camille W. Miller, Hollins College, Brian Pendleton, University of Akron; and Lauri Perman, Pennsylvania State University. The 1995 revision was prepared by Janet Mancini Billson, Director of ASA's Academic and Professional Affairs Program (APAP), Simmin J. Terry, APAP Intern (Skidmore College), and Nina Alesci, APAP Program Assistant. The ASA Committee on Employment, chaired by Margot Kempers, Fitchburg State College, reviewed the document. Minor updating occurred in both the second and third printings of the 1995 version.

We hope that both high school and undergraduate students will use Careers in Sociology as an introduction to the field. High school guidance counselors and teachers, college and university career counseling personnel, and faculty members should also find the booklet of assistance in guiding students during the important process of selecting a major and discovering how it might relate to a career path.

Sociology continues to grow and diversify during the late 20th century. It is an excellent liberal arts major that will help prepare students for the challenges of the century ahead.
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