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Contemporary Sociology: A Journal of Reviews

 January 2000, Volume 29, Number 1


Editor's Note

Co-Editors: Barbara J. Risman, Donald Tomaskovic-Dwvey. Managing Editor, Martha M. Dimes.

Cover and Table of Contents


Utopian Visions: Engaged Sociologies for the 21st Century

Achieving Basic Survival

Creating a Caring Society
Evelyn Nakano Glenn

Reducing Inequalities

Doing Antiracism and making a Nonracist Society
Jacqueline Johnson, Sharon Rush, and Joe Feagin

Minimizing Workplace Gender and Racial Bias
William T. Bielby

Reducing Income and Wealth Inequality: Real Utopian Proposals
Erik Olin Wright

Expanding Democratic Choices

Schooling for Democracy: Towrad a Critical Utopianism
Gustavo E. Fischman and Peter McLaren

Resolving Family Dilemmas and Conflicts: Beyond Utopia
Kathleen Gerson


Achieving Basic Survival

The Future of Anomie Theory
Nikos Passas and Robert Agnew

Grassroots Warriors: Activist Mothering, Community Work, and the War on Poverty
Nancy A. Naples

Reducing Inequalities

Don't Call Us Out of Name: The Untold Lives of Women and Girls in Poor America; and "So You Think I Drive a Cadillac?" Welfare Recipients' Perspectives on the System and Its Reform
Lisa Dodson and Karen Seccombe

Corporations vs. the Court: Private Power, Public Interests
David Scuilli

Work and Welfare
Robert M. Solow

The Living Wage: Building a Fair Economy
Robert Pollin and Stephanie Luce

The Myth of the Powerless State
Linda Weiss

Expanding Democratic Choices

Sociology of Education: Emerging Perspectives
Carlos Alberto Torres and Theodore R. Mitchell, eds.

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