Printer Friendly Version Of American Sociological Association: American Sociologist Special Feature - Feb 1981

The American Sociologist

Volume 16, Number 1
February 1981

Special Issue: The ASA at 75 (Part 1)

Edited by James L. McCartney

Table of Contents, Editor's Page, and Front Matter


Professional Sociology as the Basis of Societal Integration: A Study of Presidential Addresses
Graham C. Kinloch

Howard W. Odum's Social Theories in Transition: 1910–1930
William B. Thomas


Seventy-Five Years of American Sociology in Relation to Social Work
Stuart A. Queen

How Old is Age 75?
Matilda White Riley

Reflections on the Project, Sociological Resources for the Social Sciences
Robert C. Angell

The American Sociological Review, 1958–1960
Charles H. Page

The ASA—1960–1962
Robert Bierstedt

Recollections of a Half Century of Life in the ASA
Robert E.L. Faris

The ASA in 1961 1962: Bringing in Managerial Skills
Robert O. Carlson

Can the Discipline Survive Its Practitioners?
Wilbert E. Moore

Parochialism in the ASA
Charles P. Loomis

Sociology's Progress Toward Science
Phillip M. Hauser

Seventy-Five Years of It
Edmund H. Volkart