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Egalitarian Capitalism


"[Lane] Kenworthy has made a lasting contribution to the study of inequality. His current research lays the groundwork for examining how socio-economic policies and processes impact the ultimate goal of maximizing growth and fiscal health in a nation, while maintaining a high standard of living for its citizens at all income levels. If the standard isto question whether capitalism can flourish in an egalitarian context, now Kenworthy has flipped the script and demanded that societies consider whether capitalism can sustain itself when it does so at the expense of people who must learn to get by without vital resources. This book is not only critical reading for scholars of inequality studies, economics, political science and business administration programs, but also deserves the attention of those who wish to understand how economic, political and social policies operate in tandem to shape their fiscal experiences."--Romney Norwood (Contemporary Sociology, Volume 35, Number 1).