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Green Arrow Footnotes
January 1977 (Volume 5, Number 1)

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  • Due Date Extended for MFP Applications
  • Information Discussion Sessions Planned for 1977 Annual Meeting
  • Second Dues Renewal Mailed
  • The Editorial Policy of Sociological Methodology
  • Call for 1978 Program Suggestions
  • ASA Signs Contract with Cambridge University Press to Publish Rose
        Monograph Series
  • Letters to the Editor: Charles C. Moskos, Jr., and Morris Janowitz
        Respond to Kenneth Reichstein; Irwin Deutscher; Alexander D.
  • AAAS Symposium on Behavioral Research Training in Medicine and
  • Books and Journals for Asia
  • Committee Reports
  • Representative Reports
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  • Changes in Tax Law Affect Faculty Members
  • Variety of Government Agencies Support Research for Funding
  • Herbert Gans Added to Committee on Publications Slate
  • ASA Answers Privacy Commission Proposals
  • Search for Executive Associates Started
  • Boys Town Center for the Study of Youth Development Opens
  • New AKD Officers
  • Nominations Invited for Sorokin, Stouffer, and DuBois-Johnson-Frazier
  • Undergraduate Field Research Planned Again for 1977 Meeting
  • Committees and Representatives
  • Open Forum: "Dissminating Sociological Knowledge Through Teaching
        Function" (Lawrence J. Rhoades)
  • NSF Highlight: Law and Social Sciences Program
  • Letters to the Editor: DC Chapter of SWS; John Mogey; Ralph H.
  • Obituaries: Myron Herbert Levenson, Louise Ann Johnson
  • Research and Instructional Resources for the Social Sciences
  • LEAA Exemplary Projects Information Available
  • Privacy Commission Policy and Program Recommendations
  • Commitee Reports
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  • The President at Mid-Year (J. Milton Yinger)
  • Russell R. Dynes Named ASA Executive Officer
  • International Issues Permeate Council Deliberations
  • ASA Election Issue: Candidate Biographies
  • National Labor Surveys
  • Petition Candidates
  • Editors' Reports
  • Job Market for College Grads Brighter
  • Federal Summer Jobs for Students
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  • Russell Dynes Chairs NAS Committee on International Disaster
  • ASA at Faculty-Publishers Symposium
  • Annual Meeting Program Continued (J. Milton Yinger)
  • Increase in Academic Employment
  • Schuman on Sociometry (Howard Schuman)
  • New from the ISA
  • New Data on Marriage and Divorce
  • Open Forum: "Uses and Abuses of the Terms "Racism" and "Racist"?
        (H. Goodrich)
  • Minutes from January 7, 1977, meeting of 1977 Council
  • Statistical Abstract Available from Bureau of the Census
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  • Council Ponders New ASA Journal for Non-Specialists
  • Rita J. Simon New ASR Editor
  • Norval Glenn New CS Editor
  • Problems of the Discipline Grants Announced
  • Sociology and Related Disciplines: Shared and Divergent Perspectives
        (Annual Meeting Plenary and Thematic Sessions)
  • Sociometry Becomes Social Psychology
  • Change Magazine to Feature Teaching of Sociology
  • Open Meetings Planned by ASA Committees on Women and Minorities
  • NSF Seeks Minorities, Women, and Handicapped
  • NEH Seeks 1978 Summer Program Directors
  • Letters to the Editor (Charles Powers; Daniel Lerner; Joan Huber;
        Francis D. Glamser; William Falk and Forrest A. Deseran; Irene R.
  • Robert Merton and Seymour Spilerman Join Russell Sage Foundation as
        Distinguished Scholars
  • Changes in 1977 Committees and Representatives
  • Call for Papers for Special Issue of TAS on "Alternative Theoretical
  • Open Forum: "The Gift: A Typology of Responses from Editors and
        Reviewers to Unsolicited Papers Submitted for Publication" (Walter
        Abbott); "Advocates Further Development of State Associations" 
        (Lawrence J. Rhoades); "An Historical Sketch of the Relationship
        Between the Regional Sociological Societies and the ASA, 1934-1977" 
        (John Pease, Barbara Hetrick)
  • John Scanzoni New ASA Representative to Journal of Consumer
  • Obituaries: Charles H. Anderson, San Schulman, Eileen Markley
        Znaniecki, Harry Braverman
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  • Report of the ASA President (J. Milton Yinger)
  • President Elect Amos H. Hawley Announces Theme for 1978 Program:
        Societal Growth Processes and Implications
  • Special Supplement on the Status of Minorities
  • An Introduction to Amos Hawley, ASA President 1977-78 (Everett K.
  • Program Call for Papers
  • Officers of Regional Societies and ASA Meet to Improve Cooperation
  • Hubert Blalock President-Elect, Charles Glock, Vice President-Elect
  • Two Executive Office Appointments: Doris Wilkinson is Executive
        Associate for Careers, Minorities and Women; Larry Rhoades Chosen
        as Executive Associate for Program
  • Report of the Executive Officer (Hans Mauksch)
  • ASA Council Revises Employment Bulletin Procedures for 1978
  • ASA Testimony Before Commission for the Protection of Human
  • Sociologists to Participate in 1977-78 NSF Chautauqua-Type Short
  • Allen Grimshaw Reflects on The American Sociologist
  • Early Mailing for 1978 Dues Renewals Announced
  • Annual Meeting Child Care Program Set
  • Obituaries: Dorothy Swaine Thomas, Donald Ramsey Young, Leonard
        Z. Breen, Robert F. Winch
  • Minutes of March 25, 1977, meeting of 1977 Council
  • COFRAT Report on the Case of Dr. Paul J. Nyden and the Department
        of Sociology, University of Pittsburgh
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  • ASA Project on Undergraduate Sociology Receives Funds for Follow-
        Up Project
  • ASA Committee on Expanding Employment Opportunities Makes
  • Council Sets Guidelines for ASA Journals
  • Council Approves $10 Processing Fees for ASA Journals
  • Spivack Fellowships Available for 1977
  • ASA Award Winners: Kai Erikson and Perry Anderson Win Sorokin
        Award; Mirra Komarovsky Wins First Jessie Bernard Award; Otis
        Dudley Duncan Wins Stouffer Award
  • Annual Meeting Program Changes for 1978
  • Open Forum: "Urges Revision of Ethic Code to Include Teaching and
        Student Rights" (John F. Galliher); "Introductory Sociology" (Ruth
        Harriet Jacobs; poem)
  • Amos Hawley, Herbert Hyman, Norman Ryder, and Arthur
        Stinchcombe Elected to AAAS Membership
  • Eight Sociologists Win Guggenheim Awards
  • World Congress Set for Uppsala in August
  • Undergraduate Project Adds More Resources; Revised Annotated
        Bibliography and Books
  • NEH Sets Deadline for Teacher Fellowships
  • Notre Dame Planning Student Convention
  • Massachusetts Sociological Association Celebrates 10th Anniversary
  • Obituaries: James McElvoy III, Virlyn A. Boyd, Stephen Schafer
  • Minutes of June 10, 1977, meeting of 1977 Council
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  • Travel Arrangements Set for World Congress in Uppsala
  • ADAMHA Places Emphasis on Post-Doctoral Fellowships
  • Program Committee Seeks Suggestions
  • Teaching Resources Group Becomes Operational
  • Nominations Committee Announces 1978 President, Vice President
  • Commission Supports Confidentiality of Data
  • Candidates Sought for SOE and JHSB Editorships
  • Yale Project Links Social Sciences to Energy
  • Letters to the Editor: "Questions Use of Photographs, Need for Date of
        Terminal Degree" (Paul M. Roman); "Emphasizes Goals of Social
        Psychology" (Howard Schuman); "Wants to Reduce Application
        Materials" (F.C. Rochte); "Need Applied Emphasis in Graduate
        Programs" (Alexander D. Blumenstiel); "Opposes Changing Name of
        Section" (Pawel Horoszowksi); "Supports Broadening Concept of
        Racism" (Darnell F. Hawkins); "Defends Broader Definition of Racism" 
        (Kenneth Reichstein)
  • Sorokin Collection at University of Saskatchewan
  • Pre-Service Workshop Scheduled for Sacramento by ASA Project
  • NORC Cumulative Survey Data Set Available
  • Research by Students Funded by NSF
  • NSF Announces New Fellowships
  • NEH Offers Summer Seminars for College Teachers
  • Change Magazine Publications Available from Project Office
  • Undergraduate Education Section Orders Second Printing of Syllabi Set
  • Third New England Undergraduate Research Conference in Sociology
  • Eugene Griessman Receives Fulbright Lectureship
  • George F. Bishop Awarded Grant
  • Educational Testing Service Seeks Social Scientist to Develop Research
  • Obituaries: Sanford Labovitz, Louise E. Dotson, Jaroslav G. Moravec,
        Ronald C. Engle, June Sklar
  • Postdoctoral Grants Available for East European Studies
  • Ken Dossar Receives Mass Media Internship from AAAS
  • Changes for 1978 Program
  • Council Adopts Petition Guidelines
  • Editors Receive Grant to Develop Association
  • Eastern Sociological Society Receives Grant from Falk Fund
  • University of Minnesota Names Building for Sociologist Malcom
        Macdonald Wiley
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  • Minority Fellowship Program Funds 28
  • National Institute of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Seeks
  • Committee on Executive Office and Budget Urges Prompt Payment of
  • Roland Liebert to Direct NSF Program
  • Sociological Follies Slated for San Francisco Meeting
  • Commission Urges Removal of Identifiers
  • ASA Suggests FAD Donation for Gift Givers
  • Council, Committee Candidates Announced for 1978 Election
  • Center on Youth Development Dedicated at Catholic University
  • Changes Announced for 1978 Meeting
  • Sociologists Receive Fulbright Awards
  • Requirements for Fulbright Award Applications
  • First "Inter-Nos" Column from Executive Officer Russell Dynes
  • Alabama-Mississippi Sociological Association Meeting Accents
        Teaching, Draws Large Turnout
  • Obituaries: Benjamin Nelson, Peter P. Klassen, Eleanor E. Carroll,
        Martin W. Davis, C. Edward Noll
  • Minutes of September 7, 1977, meeting of 1977 Council
  • Minutes of September 10, 1977, meeting of 1978 Council
  • Percentage of Women Doctorates in Sociology Increases (Doris
  • Nathan Keyfitz Elected to NAS
  • Deaths: Harry Alpert
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