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  • NSF Sociology Program Announces Recipients of FY 1980 Awards
  • William Foote Whyte Describes Common Culture Pattern of Annual
  • NEH Offers Summer Seminars for Undergraduate Teachers
  • Grace Henderson Assumes Responsibilities for ASA Careers,
        Minorities, and Women
  • MFP Deadline February 1
  • ADAMHA Funds Research through National Institutes
  • Nominations Invited for Jessie Bernard Award, Award for Distinguished
        Contribution to Scholarship
  • Conference on Women in the Professions to be Held at Purdue
  • Research Workshop Scheduled at Howard University
  • Obituaries: August Hollingshead, Werner J. Cahnman, Richard E.
        DuWors, John James
  • Deaths: Rollin Chambliss, William Christian Lehmann
  • Memorial Planned for Martin Haskell
  • Studies in Higher Education Surveys Departments
  • Teaching Services Program Plans Workshop Series
  • Letters to the Editor: "Task Group Clarifies Surveys on Homosexuality" 
        (John Gagnon, Joan Huber, Suzanne Keller, Ron Lawson, Patricia
        Miller, William Simon
  • Inter Nos (Russell Dynes)
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  • NSF Merges Basic and Applied; No Social Science Directorate
  • Social Inventions Featured at 1981 Annual Meeting
  • New Staff Needed in ASA Executive Office
  • New Registry of Retired Sociologists Planned
  • National ASA Teaching Workshops Set for May 14-19
  • ASA Workshops Held on Planning and Evaluation
  • Ideas Needed for TRC: Minority Syllabi, Testing Students
  • Barriers to Support of Social Sciences: Alpert 1958
  • Fulbright awards
  • Liaison Representatives Needed for Work Areas
  • ASA Committee on World Sociology Seeks Liaison with Social
        Scientists Around World
  • NSF Chautauqua Courses
  • "Emile n' Maz" (cartoon by D. Adams)
  • ASA Committee Appointments Announced
  • Jessie Bernard Award Nominations Sought
  • Graduate Students Receive 1980-81 Fulbright Awards for Overseas
  • Obituaries: Kingsley H. Birge, Henry J. Browne, George K. Hesslink
  • Committee Reports
  • Four Receive SSSI Awards
  • 10th World Congress of Sociology to be Held in Mexico City
  • Departments Receive DOE Grants for Minorities
  • Lesley College Announces New Program in Mental Health Management
  • Problems of Discipline Grants Available: Deadline May 1
  • NIE Grant Proposals Due
  • Requests for Other Group Activities at Annual Meeting Due
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  • OMB Guts NSF Social Science Budget
  • Toronto Plenaries Announced
  • Final Research Regulations Approved: Most Social Science Research
  • ASA Council Meetings; Actions Discussed
  • NEH to Hold Seminar on Language
  • System Research Program at NIMH
  • Jo Ann Ruckel Appointed ASA Administrative Officer
  • Candidate Biographies (Election Issue)
  • Petition Candidates Announced
  • NSF Director Otto Larsen: Need for Continuing Support for Social
  • Nominations Sought for ASA Career of Distinguished Scholarship
        Award, Award for Distinguished Contributions to Teaching
  • Duke University Department Survives "Creative Retrenchment" 
        (Lawrence J. Rhoades)
  • "Middletown" Revisited: Documentary Planned on Community Studies
        by Robert and Helen Lynd
  • Obituaries: Alvin Ward Gouldner, Vernon K. Dibble
  • International Conference Set for University of Pittsburgh
  • ASA Voting Study Planned
  • Inter Nos (Russell Dunes)
  • Editors? Reports
  • National Series of ASA Teaching Workshops Planned for May 14-19
  • ASA Teaching Newsletter Subscription Form
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    Green Arrow Footnotes
    April 1981 (Volume 9, Number 4)
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  • Social Science Research and Training Support Cut
  • Workshops and Seminars Set for 1981 Annual Meeting
  • Sociologists Receive Grants from NIMH
  • Committee on Sections Proposes Change in By-Laws (increase in
        members required)
  • Seventh Annual Honors Program Scheduled
  • TRC Seeks Contributions for Handbook on Humor in Teaching
  • SSRC Plans Research on Social Indicators
  • Rockefeller Fellowships Awarded
  • Social Indicators III Issued by Commerce Department
  • Census Reports Available
  • Federal Statistics Council Opens Office
  • Panel Study Data File
  • Additional Fulbright Awards
  • Gail E. Thomas Donates Royalties to MFP
  • States Develop Programs to Improve Research Environment
  • 1980 AAAS Socio-Psychological Prize Awarded to Bib Latane,
        Stephen Harkins, and Kipling D. Williams
  • Inter Nos (Russell Dynes)
  • Nominations Invited to Distinguished Scholarship, Teaching Awards
  • Census Data Set Available
  • Cheryl Miller, Stephen Kalberg Receive NSF Postdoctoral Fellowships
  • ASA Contributors
  • Obituaries: William C. Lehmann, Arthur Hiederhoffer
  • Social Security Administration Plans Retirement Study
  • Section Reports
  • SSRC, ACLS Fellowships Announced
  • Letters to the Editor: Irwin Deutscher, Stanford W. Gregory, Jr.
  • New Registry of Retired Sociologists Available
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    Green Arrow Footnotes
    May 1981 (Volume 9, Number 5)
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  • ASA Joins with Other Organizations to Establish Consortium to Support
        Congressional Liaison Office (COSSA)
  • NIDA and NIAAA Awards
  • MFP Fellows Selected; Support Uncertain
  • ASA Applied Sociology Conference Set for DC
  • Countries Seek Fulbrights in Sociology
  • Auditor's Report
  • National Committee for 1980 Census Research Established
  • ICPSR to Distribute 1980 Census Data Files
  • Travel Funds Available for Grenoble Meeting
  • Minority Students Receive NSF Awards
  • Information on 1981 Annual Meeting: Air Travel, Child Care, Room
  • Inter Nos: Thoughts--Pure and Applied--on the Administration Budget
        for Social Science (Russell Dynes)
  • SWS Establishes Natalie Allon Defense Fund
  • ASA/SSSP To Co-Sponsor Sessions at Annual Meeting
  • TAS Invites Papers for Special Issue on Financing Sociological
  • Nominations Invited for ASA Elected and Appointed Positions
  • Sections Plan Annual Meeting Activities
  • Materials on Clinical Sociology Sought for Upcoming Bibliography
  • Council Minutes from January 23, 1981, meeting of 1981 Council
  • New ASA Guide, Directories Available
  • Obituaries: Robert Graham Caldwell
  • New TRC Syllabi Set on Environmental Sociology
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  • Alice Rossi Wins ASA Presidency; Everett K. Wilson New Vice
  • ASA President William Foote Whyte Calls for Practical Sociology
  • ASA Workshop on Directions in Applied Sociology
  • Search for New ASA Executive Officer
  • Gallaudet University to Sponsor Interpreters at Annual Meeting
  • ASA Biographical Directory of Members Scheduled for 1982
  • New ASA President: Presentation of Erving Goffman
  • ASA Survey Results: Members Like Services; Want More
  • Alex Inkeles, Charles Tilly Elected to National Academy of Sciences
  • New Executive Office Appointments: Carla Howery, Bettina Huber,
        Paul Williams
  • Lawrence Rhoades Accepts NIMY Position
  • Invitation to the Annual Meeting
  • COSSA Responds to Budget Crisis
  • Canadian Postal Strike May Affect Hotel Reservations for Annual
  • Sessions, Organizers Announced for 1982 ASA Annual Meeting
  • Program Committee Encourages Papers on Range of Methodologies
  • Report of the Secretary: Herbert Costner Reports Executive Office
        Activities and Changes
  • Nominations Invited for 1984-86 CS Editorship
  • Boyd Printing Company President Henry Quellmalz's 30 Years of
        Service Recognized and Appreciated
  • Report of the Executive Officer: Russell Dynes Outlines Association
  • Portrait of William Edward Burghardt DuBois on National Public Radio
  • Clinical Sociology Association to Hold Workshops in Toronto
  • Problems of Discipline Grant Deadline: November 1
  • TRC Offers Three New Products
  • TRC Seeks Submissions for Resources on Humor, Testing Students
  • Teaching Newsletter to Resume in 1982
  • Sociologists Receive 1981 Humanities Awards
  • ASA Reports on Women's Participation Available
  • Preston Valien Receives Stuart Rice Award from CDSA
  • Cora Marrett to Chair NSF Committee
  • Samuel Heilman, Wolf V. Heydebrand, Elliott Rudwick Receive ACLS
  • History of the ASA: 1905-1980 Available
  • National Scientific Associations Support Social Sciences
  • James Bjorkman and Wolfgang Teckenberg Receive German Marshall
        Fund Fellowships
  • Regional Officers Announced
  • John Lofland: Sociologists Need a More Activist Stance
  • Inter Nos (Russell Dynes)
  • ASA Focuses on Career Planning and Development (Grace Henderson)
  • NRC Workshop Report Released
  • ISA Invites ASA Members to 10th World Congress
  • Currency Exchange at Annual Meeting
  • ISA Library Program Expands
  • Six Receive NSF Fellowships
  • Sociological Theory Invites Manuscripts
  • Sociologists Win Guggenheims
  • Minutes of May 16, 1981, meeting of 1981 ASA Council
  • ASA Representative Reports
  • More 1980 ASA Committee Reports
  • Obituaries: Edward Wadsworth Gregory, Leonard Louis Linden,
        Richard T. Morris, Jane Cassels Record, David Rodnick, Paul
  • Deaths: Vernon Davies
  • Data Gathering Efforts Hampered by Funding Cuts
  • Clinical Sociology Association Initiates Curriculum File
  • New ASA Insurance Plans Offered
  • Military Family Center Established
  • Letters to the Editor: Wade H. Andrews
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  • ASA Awards Announced: Career of Distinguished Scholarship--Everett
        C. Hughes; Distinguished Contribution to Scholarship--E. Digby Baltzell
        and Morris Rosenberg; Distinguished Contributions to Teaching--Hans
        O. Mauksch; Jessie Bernard Award--Elise Boulding
  • Council to Review ASA Publications Program
  • ASA Applied Workshop Set
  • COSSA to Continue Budget Monitoring
  • COSSA Contributions Needed
  • Mayer Zald Appointed to Council as Sheldon Styker Resigns to Edit
  • Two Programs Receive NSF Grants for Teaching
  • National Humanities Alliance Formed
  • New ASA Editors: Rose Series--Ernest Campbell; TAS--Robert
  • ASA Section Sponsors New Volume on Social Psychology:
        Sociological Perspectives
  • Thirteen Receive Fulbright Grants
  • Congressional Committee Open to Social Sciences
  • Oliphant Cartoon on social science study (reprinted from Washington
  • Twenty States Participate in New Polling Network
  • Howard Becker, Peter Blau Receive 1981 Common Wealth Awards
  • 15th Century Data Files Finally Available
  • Report of the President: William Foote Whyte Reviews Term;
        Emphasizes Field Work
  • Annual Meeting Successful Despite "Strikes" Against It
  • Photographs from 1981 Annual Meeting
  • Changes Needed in Graduate Sociology Training for the 1980s
        (Edward C. McDonagh and Kent P. Schwirian)
  • Obituaries: Tamme Wittermans, Jane Alison Weiss
  • Letters to the Editor: "Human Subjects Catch-22?" (Ithiel de Sola Pool)
  • ASA Guidelines for Exercising Right to Petition
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    Green Arrow Footnotes
    November 1981 (Volume 9, Number 8)
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  • NIMH to Support Some Social Research
  • Candidates for 1982 ASA Offices
  • Non-Academic Employers Surveyed
  • Program Committee Invites Suggestions for Annual Meting
  • New Human Subjects Policies Announced; Exemptions Outlined
        (Bettina Huber)
  • Scientific and Technical Personnel Data Tapes Available
  • New International Education Register
  • Sociology Fulbrights Announced
  • William Flinn Assesses Rural Sociology
  • Harris Sourcebook Published
  • Three Receive NEH Grants
  • SSRC Fellowships and Grants Announced
  • Problems of the Discipline Grants Deadline February 1
  • SSSP Award Honors Alfred and Elizabeth Lee
  • Filmed Introductory Course Developed
  • Midwest Universities Offer Minority Fellowships
  • Regional Meeting Calendar
  • Deaths: Donald R. Baker, Wendell H. Bash, Rayman Charles Forston,
        Samuel Kincheloe
  • Interuniversity Institute
  • Heart Attack Victims Sought for Study
  • MFP Seeks 1982-83 Applicants
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  • ASA Election Slate Announced
  • Council Unable to Act on Complaint Against Brandeis University
  • COSSA Shows Interdisciplinary Cooperation is Effective; Long-Term
        Commitment Needed
  • Needed Research in the Sociology of Age (Matilda White Riley)
  • Comments on ASA Handicapped Services Wanted
  • A Commentary: Gutting Affirmative Action--New Policy in Action
        (Bettina Huber)
  • Administration's Budget Threatens Fulbright Program
  • NEH Publishes Application Deadlines
  • 10th World Congress Set for Mexico City, August 16-21, 1982
  • New JHSB Editorial Address
  • Federal Funding for the Social Sciences: Threats and Responses
        (Kenneth Prewitt and David L. Sills)
  • Deaths: Rensis Likert, T. Scott Miyakawa
  • Over 50 TRC Products Available; More Being Developed
  • Teaching Services Program Announces Spring Workshops
  • Social Science Photo Exhibit at Northwestern University
  • Teaching Information Exchange
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