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  • ASA President: San Antonio . . . A Fine Convention City (James F.
        Short, Jr.)
  • NIA Programs Seek Proposals
  • Professional Development Workshops Address Teaching (Carla
  • Candidates Named for Committee on Committees
  • Edward Shils Wins Balkan Prize for Scholarly Contributions
  • Irving Louis Horowitz Calls for Nobel Prize in Social Science
  • Social Scientists Head for China; Alice Rossi Chairs Delegation
  • Open Forum: "Applied Sociology Can Advance Discipline" (Albert E.
  • Letter to the Editor: "Mortality, Not Morality" (Richard E. Barrett)
  • Other International Society (International Sociological Association)
        Schedules Meeting in Seattle (Marie L. Borgatta)
  • Observing (William D'Antonio)
  • NSF Announces New Program
  • GAO Offers Several Opportunities for Sociologists (Carla Howery)
  • TRG Campus Visits Cover Range of Topics
  • Obituaries: Raymond Aron, Noel P. Gist, Robert O. Richards, Chung-
        Wu Chang
  • Nominations Invited for Distinguished Contribution to Scholarship
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  • Short Outlines Plenary and Thematic Sessions (James F. Short, Jr.)
  • More Candidates Not Likely
  • NRC Symposium Commemorates Pioneering Social Trends Report
        (Lawrence J. Rhoades; first in a series)
  • Bienvenidos a San Antonio! (Edward Murguia)
  • Council Actions Show Consistent Support for Rights of Homosexuals
  • Employment Bulletin "Phone-In" Fee to Increase
  • Open Forum: "Caucus Seeks Assistance for
        Unemployed/Underemployed Sociologists" (Samuel R. Friedman,
        Gregory D. Squires, Thomas A. Lyson, Edna Bonacich)
  • CONDUIT Offers Computer-Based Learning Materials in Sociology
        (Ronald E. Anderson)
  • University of Wisconsin Symposium on Rural Sociology
  • Teaching Column: TSP Promotes Computer Literacy for Teachers
        (Carla Howery)
  • The World Bank: Shift to Target Groups Involves Sociologists in
        Planned Development (by Carla Howery, on Michael Cernea)
  • Letter to the Editor: "Seminal vs. Germinal Ideas" (Pauline B. Bart)
  • ASA Professional Workshop Schedule
  • Annual Meeting Space Available for Other Groups
  • Medical Sociology Section Receives Grant from Robert Wood Johnson
  • Nominations Requested for ASA Awards
  • Roslyn Arlin Mickelson Wins SSRC Fellowship
  • Techical Advisor: Sociologist Aids Agricultural Projects in Caribbean
        (by Carla Howery, on Michael G. Patton)
  • ASA Petition Guidelines
  • Census Bureau Releases Catalog on Data
  • Observing: Task Force on Social Studies in the High Schools (William
  • Obituaries: Dorothy M. Dohen
  • Deaths: Osvaldo Barreras
  • Minutes of January 29, 1983, meeting of 1983 Council
  • Sociologists: Resource for Congress
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  • Special Election Issues
  • Mayor of San Antonio Extends Personal Invitation (Henry G. Cisneros)
  • Council Approves Balanced Budget
  • ASA Launches Summer Fellowship Program
  • New Constitutional, Standing Committees Added to ASA Structure
  • ASA Council Discusses Certification and Licensure Issues (Bettina
  • Carnegie Corporation Aims Grant Programs at Broad Goals
  • New Footnotes Column Reports Sociology, Sociologists in Mass Media
  • COPAFS Elects Sociologists (Laure Sharpe, Conrad Taeuber) to
        Executive Committee
  • Obgurn Puzzle: What to Do About Science . . . About Social Action?
        (Lawrence J. Rhoades)
  • Observing: COSSA Reports on Social Science Funding (William
  • Letter to the Editor: Responding to Horowitz on Social Science Nobel
        Prize (Matthew Melko)
  • Member Contributions
  • Curriculum Innovation: Degree Offered in Emergency Management
  • Vita Summaries of Minority Sociologists Sought by ASA Committee
  • 1984 Candidate Biographies
  • New Policies and Procedures Outlined for Member Referendum
  • Committee Reports
  • Section Reports
  • Obituaries: Peter A. Munch
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  • Problems of the Discipline Grants Awarded
  • Annual Meeting: Didactic Seminars, Mini-Courses Focus on Research
  • ASA Teaching Services Program Seeks Coordinator for Workshops,
        Department Visits
  • NSF Awards 58 Grants to Sociologists in 1983
  • Neil Smelser: Research and Theory Have Altered Ogburn Vision
        (Lawrence J. Rhoades; third in a series)
  • Council Receives Briefing on Teaching Program (Carla Howery)
  • ASA Executive Office Reorganizes; Five Managers Appointed (William
  • ASA Workshop Held on Applied Sociology Programs and Curricula
  • Biographical Directories on Sale to Reduce Inventory
  • Incorporating Women Faculty in Sociology Departments During 1980s;
        Report Sets 1990 Hiring Targets for Women in Tenured Ranks
  • More ASA Contributors
  • Observing: Social Science Funding (William D?Antonio)
  • David Phillips Wins AAAS Prize
  • Discount Airfares Available for Annual Meeting Travel
  • Obituaries: William L. Gum, Selz Cabot Mayo, Leonard W. Moss,
        Judith Handel
  • Editors' Reports
  • Section Reports
  • OMB to Revise Basis for Collecting Industrial Data
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  • Study Seeks Research Opportunities in Behavioral and Social Sciences
        (Lawrence J. Rhoades)
  • NIMH Awards 45 Grants to Sociologists in 1983
  • Paul Starr Awarded Pulitzer Prize
  • Lynn Atwater and William Martin: Communicating Sociology Through
        Mass Media (Carla Howery)
  • Annual Meeting Workshops Focus on Applied Settings
  • Albert J. Reiss, Jr.: Social Policy Is Shaped in Crucible of Social
        Change (Lawrence J. Rhoades; last in a series)
  • San Antonio Serves as Bridge Between Hemispheres (John M.
  • Come to San Antonio: About the 1984 Annual Meeting
  • Survey to College Data on Services Needed by Persons with Disabilities
  • 10th Annual Honors Program
  • Membership Committee Reports Survey Suggestions, Criticism (Holly
        Holland and Carla Howery)
  • Jessie Bernard at 80: Reflections on Life and Sociology (an interview by
        Carla Howery)
  • Nona Glazer Awarded NSF Fellowship
  • Program Officers Outline Roads to Federal Support of Research
  • 1984 Guide Available
  • Roberta Balstad Miller Takes NSF Post; COSSA Position Open
  • Career Expert Richard Irish to Conduct Job Clinic
  • Foundation Seeks to Aid Minority Sociologists
  • W. Clark Roof, Robert Cole Named Wilson Scholars
  • Pennsylvania State Association Establishes Record; First to Publish
  • Letters to the Editor: "Nobel Prize" (Andreas Buss); "Seminal Ideas" 
        (Robert J. McNamara); "More Seminal Ideas" (James M. Henslin)
  • Volunteers Needed to Monitor Licensing Issues in Each State
  • Gary Albrecht Chosen Editor of The Sociological Quarterly
  • SOE Moves to Notre Dame
  • SSRC Concentrates on Long-Term Needs of Social Sciences (David L.
  • Senate Proposes More Oversight on Statistics Policy
  • 1983 Auditor's Report
  • Observing: Audit (William D'Antonio)
  • Foreign Student Travel Grant to Annual Meeting
  • ICPSR To Fund Teaching Packages
  • Committee Reports
  • Section Reports
  • Representative Reports
  • Seminar Explores Cognitive Aspects of Survey Methods
  • JHSB Moves to University of Kentucky
  • Professorships Established at George Mason
  • Obituaries: Simon Marcson, Ivan Belknap
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  • Election Results: Matilda White Riley is ASA President Elect; Rose
        Coser Vice President Elect
  • 1985 Annual Meeting to Discuss Sociology of Work
  • ASA Seeks Assistant Executive Officer to Administer MFP
  • Political Leaders Will Address San Antonio Gathering in August
  • TSP Coordinator Sought
  • 1984 Annual Meeting Highlights: Orientation Party, Chinese Scholars,
        Honors Program
  • Renee Fox Receives Reeder Award
  • Statistics Session Added
  • Rural Sociology Society to Meet in August
  • San Antonio Has Much to Offer (Alice Franzke)
  • Portrait of the President: Kai Erikson, a Scholar for All Seasons, Will
        Lead ASA in 1985 (Marvin Bressler)
  • Observing (William D'Antonio)
  • Virginia Sociological Association Elects Officers
  • ASA Service Workshop Has Openings
  • Joyce Reeves, George Baldwin Receive Kellogg Fellowships
  • TRC Offers 11 New Products
  • Behavioral Science Project: How Do You View the Future of Sociology
        and Research (Lawrence J. Rhoades)
  • COPAFS Report
  • Who's Who Clarified
  • New Cohort of MFP Fellows
  • Corherhouse Fund Gives $10,000 to MFP
  • DC Fellow in GAO: Sociologist Raymond Russell Uses DC Fellowship
        to Study Employee Ownership
  • Post Inventory Sale on ASA Publications
  • Sessions and Organizers Announced for 1985 Annual Meeting
  • Secretary's Report: A Year of Notable Progress (Theodore Caplow)
  • Sociologists: Resource for Congress
  • Sociologists in the Media: Set Your Radio Dial to Sociology (by Carla
        Howery on Jack Levin)
  • Obituaries: Calvert Dedrick
  • James Ault, Jr., Receives NEH Grant
  • Court Case Establishes Limited Protection for Scholars (on Mario
  • Letter from Mario Brujaha
  • Deaths: A. Eugene Havens, Cheryl Allyn Miller
  • David Segal Studies Relationships Between Government and Individual
  • Executive Officer's Report: Internal Changes in Acivities
  • Minutes of the September 3, 1983, meeting of 1983 Council
  • Open Forum: On the "Mass Media" Column (Janet Saltzman Chafetz,
        A. Gary Dworkin, Joseph A. Kotarba, David Gottlieb)
  • Letter to the Editor: Response to Cernea (Ruth L. Love)
  • Ruth Thaler New Footnotes Managing Editor
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  • ASA Major Award Recipients: Morris Janowitz, Career of
        Distinguished Scholarship; Marcia Guttentag and Paul Secord,
        Distinguished Contribution to Scholarship; Joseph Bensman,
        Distinguished Contributions to Teaching; Joyce A. Ladner, DuBois-
  • Deadline announced for Problems of the Discipline Grants
  • Membership Renewals, Coupons Are on the Way
  • MFP Funded; Director Paul Williams Honored
  • Matilda White Riley Receives Common Wealth Award
  • New Spivack Fellowships
  • Section Awards
  • ASA Certification Program Accepted in Principle (Bettina Huber)
  • Scenes from the 1984 Annual Meeting (photos)
  • Observing: On the Annual Meeting (William D?Antonio)
  • Congressman Henry Gonzalez: Research on Policy Issues Needed
  • James F. Short, Jr.: Risks Demand In-Depth Research, Analysis
        (Presidential Address)
  • Threat to Confidentiality of Fieldnotes; Council Authorizes $2,000
        Contribution to Brahuja Defense
  • Vilma Nunez Receives First Latin American Scholar Award
  • Media Coverage at Annual Meeting
  • Teaching: Ways to Improve Sociology Programs (Carla Howery)
  • New ASA Teaching Endowment Fund Supports Innovative Teaching
  • TRC Seeks Syllabi on Marriage and Family
  • Here's How Annual Meeting Sites Are Chosen
  • New Brochure, Career Possibilities, Outlines Jobs in Sociology
  • James Laue Heads New Center for Metropolitan Studies
  • COSSA, NIMH Name New Directors
  • Minutes of September 5, 1983, meeting of 1984 Council
  • TRC Issues Call for Papers
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  • Robert Merton Honored by Who's Who as Founder of Sociology of
  • 1985 Candidates Announced
  • New ASA Journal on Teaching Sociology Seeks Journal (before ASA
        purchased TS from Sage)
  • Nominations Open for Jessie Bernard Award
  • Independent Scholars: An Emergent Intellectual Grouping (Bettina
  • Planning, Research, Timing Key to Getting Applied Jobs (Phillip
  • TRC Seeks Materials on Sociology of Law
  • Nominations Open for Teaching Award
  • International Institute of Sociology Holds Successful Meeting
  • Code of Ethics Revision Planned
  • Observing: National Peace Academy (William D'Antonio)
  • Revised Code of Ethics Available
  • Resources for Independent Scholars
  • Update on ASA Group Insurance
  • Special Inventory Reduction Prices on Rose Monographs
  • Teaching: Workshop on Using Computers
  • Internship Opportunities Abound in Nation's Capital
  • Nominations Open for Scholarship Award
  • General Survey Data Available
  • Obituaries: Franz Adler, A. Eugene Havens, Alden Dykstra Miller
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  • President's Report: Looking Backward, Looking Forward: Reflections
        on a Rewarding Year (James F. Short, Jr.)
  • Intellectual Pleasures in Nation's Capital During Annual Meeting (Carla
  • New Nominations for 1985 Elections
  • NSF Seeks Sociologists for Two Positions
  • Nominations Sought for North Central Region Award
  • Observing: COSSA (William D'Antonio)
  • Teaching Workshops to Focus on Basic Skills and More
  • Open Forum: Sociologists and Writing Skills (Jeff Broadbent)
  • TSP Campus Visits Called Helpful to Departments (Hans O. Mauksch)
  • AKD Competition Open for Student Papers
  • Plug Into Microcomputer Users' Groups Through ASA
  • Coupon Listing Corrections
  • Publicizing Sociological Activities Serves Important Function for the
        Discipline (Albert E. Gollin)
  • TRC Call for Syllabi
  • Career Possibilities for Sociology Graduates (Bettina J. Huber; reprint of
  • Sociologist Esther Ngan-Ling Chow Honored for Contributions to
        Women of Color
  • Teaching: Applied Sociology Programs (Carla Howery)
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