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  • Observing: In Memorium (on the sociologists murdered in El Salvador;
        William D'Antonio)
  • Nominations Requested for 1991 ASA Awards
  • Rosabeth Moss Kanter Appointed Editor of Harvard Business Review
  • Minority Roster Project Begins
  • Open Forum: "We Should be Able to Move Easily Between Teaching
        and Practice" (Henry H. Brownstein); "Focusing Again on Open
        Scholarly Exchange" (Paolo Ammassari)
  • Inside the ASA Budget: Publications (Karen Gray Edwards)
  • Support for Independent Scholars
  • Independent Scholars Needed for Research Project
  • Center for Research on Women is a Goldmine (Carla B. Howery)
  • Emeritus Member Criteria Changed
  • Clyda Rent is New President of Mississippi University for Women
        (Carla B. Howery)
  • Southern Sociological Society Clearinghouse for Hate Crimes
  • Scholarly Exchanges Between Hungary and the U.S. (Anthony
  • Agenda Proposed for Arctic Social Sciences
  • Eastern European Cities in Comparative Perspective
  • The Development of Sociology in New Zealand (Paul Spooney)
  • Sociologists Study Food and Society
  • Good Ideas
  • Open Forum: "How Was Plagiarism Overlooked?" (Ben Agger); 
        "Rejoinder on Foon Plagiarism Case"; "Is ASA Committed to
        Sociological Practice?" (David J. Kallen); "The Voting Rights of Student
        Members" (Donald Davis, Melvin F. Hall, Kari Lerum, Mark Meyerson
        and 36 other students); "Technology Is Too Important to be Left to the
        Engineers" (Ruth Love); "Steve Buff Replies" (Stephen A. Buff); 
        "Unethical Publishers: Why Not Do Something About Them?" (Anne-
        Marie Ambert)
  • Pre-Publication Discount on 1990 Biographical Directory of Members
  • China's Long Hot Summer (Peter M. Nardi)
  • Nancy Tuma Returns from China
  • Fiske on Departments of Sociology (Richard A. Wright)
  • Authors and Networks: Gender in Sociological Journal Articles (Maren
        Lockwood Carden)
  • Review Copies of College Texts Can be Returned Painlessly
  • Short Takes
  • AAP's Education Division Statement on Principles for College
  • Teaching: Merit Pay and Assessment of Teaching: A Procedure for Peer
        Evaluation in Multidisplinary Unites (Keith A. Roberts)
  • Small World: Fulbright Scholars Visit U.S.
  • Joseph L. Tropea Runs Capital Market Workshops for Poles
  • New in 1990: Sociological Practice Review
  • Travel Awards for 1990 ISA Meetings
  • New TRC Resource: Training Teaching Assistants
  • Funding Opportunities and Awards for Sociologists: NSF, NICHD,
  • Obituaries: C. Norman Alexander
  • Section on Sociology of Aging Introduces Series of Research
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  • Mirra Komarovsky Receives Common Wealth Award
  • 1991 Annual Meeting Theme: "The World of Ethnic Relations" (Stanley
  • 1990 Petition Candidates Announced
  • Observing: Monitoring Ourselves: The ASA Election Process;
        Considering Accreditation (William D'Antonio)
  • Inside 1722: Maru Corrado - "Here's what I'm doing with a BA a
  • John Hagan Wins Criminology Award
  • A Peace Movement Has Emerged Against the War on Drugs (Craig
        Reinarman, Harry Gene Levine)
  • The the Editor: Peter Rossi Apologizes (Peter H. Rossi)
  • Teaching: Making the Evaluation Process More Credible (Carla B.
  • New Research Institute Named to Honor Sociology (on Julian Samora;
        by Susan Frensilli)
  • Sociologists Receive Honors and Awards: J. Richard Udry Receives
        MERIT Award; Arlene Kaplan Daniels Named Miller Lecturer; Pastore
        Honored by University of Wisconsin
  • Open Forum: "Publishing Vote Totals: A Loss for Democracy" 
        (Bernardt Lieberman)
  • AAAS Program Takes Journals to African Researchers
  • ASF Receives First Will Bequest from Hanan C. Selvin's Estate
  • ASA Committees and Representatives
  • IIS 29th International Congress in Rome
  • Increasing Committee Participation by Members Employed at Two- and
        Four-Year Institutions and Practitioners
  • Transaction to Reissue Social Psychology Volume
  • The Trouble with Feminist Theory (Michael A. Faia)
  • New UCLA Training Program on AIDS
  • Good Ideas
  • Departmental Services Program in Third Year
  • ASA Contributors
  • Deaths: Mary Moynihan Dolan
  • Obituaries: Michael Eugene Choukas, Dwight Dean, Richard J. Hill
  • Official Reports and Proceedings: Section Reports
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  • Population Association of American Moves to ASA Office
  • Council Briefs
  • Attention: Overseas Members
  • Friends of Sociology at Washington University
  • Observing: An Action Packed Council Meeting
  • Candidates for ASA President, Vice President
  • A Briefing on the Census (Harvey M. Choldin)
  • David Bills to Lead ASA Honors Program
  • Subcommittee Reviews Sociology of Education (Susan Frensilli)
  • Open Forum: "Keeping the Focus on Apartheid" (Else Oyen)
  • Zelda Gamson Directs New Resource Center for Educators
  • MFP Receives Grant from Leo Chall
  • Charles Chakerian Establishes Research Fund at Yale
  • Medical Sociology Section Honors Samuel Bloom
  • Call for Examples of Research with Grass Roots Groups
  • Short Takes
  • Deaths: Richard J. Hill
  • Obituaries: Robert L. David, Segundo Montes
  • Section Reports
  • Committee Reports
  • Representative Reports
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    Green Arrow Footnotes
    April 1990 (Volume 18, Number 4)
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  • Washington University Update - A Close Vote: Faculty Almost
        Overturns Dean's Decision
  • Sociological Practice Review Soon to Make Its Debut!
  • Contribute to Child Care! Remember the Voluntary Contribution on the
        Annual Meeting Registration Form
  • Capitol Steps to Perform at Annual Meeting
  • Please Contact the ASA: On Insurance, On Teaching
  • Observing: The ASA Budget: Direct and Indirect Costs (William
  • Marie Haug Honored at Case Western Reserve University
  • New Teaching Resource: The Internship Handbook
  • SSSI Holds Symposium on Subjectivity (Carolyn Ellis and Michael
  • Open Forum: "Tenure Decisions and Equal Employment: An
        Opportunity for Research" (Paul Burstein)
  • The Multifaceted Career of a "Retired" Sociologist (Donald P. Irish)
  • Visiting Germany: Impressions of a German Expatriot (Joachim
  • IPFW Makes Links with Poland
  • Practice Beat: On the Transition from the Academy to a Career in
        Business (Kenneth R. Donow)
  • Minutes from January 19, 1990, meeting of the 1989-90 ASA Council
  • Editors' Reports
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    Green Arrow Footnotes
    May 1990 (Volume 18, Number 5)
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  • 1990 Annual Meeting: Beyond Your High School Class Trip to
  • Major ASA Award Winners Announced
  • Minority Opportunity Summer Training Launched
  • STEP Awards Cancelled
  • Set Sail for the Teaching Endowment Fund
  • Observing: More Bits and Pieces (William D'Antonio)
  • Inside the ASA Budget: The Teaching Services Program (Carla B.
  • Inside 1722: The Busy Business Office - Cassandra Twardowsky and
        Barbara Bouquet
  • Teaching: Teaching the Lessons of the Vietnam War (Carla B. Howery)
  • ASF/NSF Grants; New Deadline Nears
  • Update on ASA Insurance Programs
  • The Student Sociologist Reaches Undergraduates
  • Help Cover ASA's Printing Costs (Voluntary Page Charges)
  • Honors Program Wants a Few Good Students
  • ASA in Washington, DC: All About the 1990 Annual Meeting
  • Open Forum: "Are We Part of the Problem?" (Hubert M. Blalock, Jr.); 
        "To ASA Members" (Nikolay A. Smodlev); "A Structuralist's View" 
        (George A. Hillary; a poem written for his introductory sociology
  • Richard Irish to Conduct Annual Meeting Job Clinic
  • East Carolina University Honors D.D. Garrett
  • Deaths: Bruno Bettleheim, John H. Staggers
  • Obituaries: Stanley E. Grupp, Robert William Janes, Patricia L. Kendall,
        Belle Milton Sicurella, Hans Speier
  • TSP Seeks Field Coordinator
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  • James Coleman Elected President; Doris Wilkinson is Vice President
  • ASA's New Executive Officer: Felice J. Levine
  • 1990 Annual Meeting: Adams-Morgan: A DC Neighborhood to
  • New ASA Phone System to Begin
  • Executive Officer's Report: Routine and Non-Routine Events Make a
        Busy Year (William D'Antonio)
  • 1991 Annual Meeting: Late Breaking News
  • Inside the ASA Budget: Sections (Carla B. Howery)
  • Sociology at the National Science Foundation: A Bright Future (an
        interview with Murray A. Webster, Jr., and Gwendolyn L. Lewis; by
        Carla B. Howery)
  • 1989 Audit: Surplus Strengthens Reserve
  • Charles U. Smith Receives Washington State University Centennial
  • Sociology Award to Honor Elbridge Sibley
  • NSF Programs of Interest to Sociologists
  • Celestino Fernandez is New Vice President at University of Arizona
  • Deaths: Ralph David Abernathy, Donald J. Newman
  • Obituaries: Howard D. Abramowitz, Marian MacNeil Deininger, Ras
        Mohun Halder, Elizabeth L. Mullins, Edward Strong, Harold Wildstein,
        Michelle Wimbley
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  • Mirra Komarovsky on Family and Work (Common Wealth Award)
  • AAC Report on the Undergraduate Major
  • MFP Director Lionel Maldonado Leaves ASA
  • ASA Begins New Phone System
  • Minority Roster Ready for Use
  • Profile of the President: Stanley Lieberson: No Shortage of Interesting
        Questions (Mary C. Waters)
  • Soviet Sociologists and Students Speak on Capitol Hill (Stephen A.
  • Universities Bestow Honors on Tatiana Zaslavskaya
  • American Chemical Society Releases Data
  • Daniel Monti: Working for Civil Rights by Linking Research to Politics
        (Carla B. Howery)
  • Inside 1722: Everything You Ordered Is in the Mail -Don Stanley and
        David Matthews
  • Center for Machine-Readable Texts in the Humanities
  • Open Forum: "The Ethics of an Internship" (David C. Barrows); "On 
        "Homophobia"" (Panos Bardis); "Czech Sociology Rebuilds" (Bohumil
        Geist); "Another View on Society in Israel" (Aaron Antonovsky); 
        "Teaching Evaluated by Students" (Panos Bardis); "Rejoinder on
        Feminist Theory" (Roslyn Wallach Bologh); "Education and Evaluation" 
        (Panos Bardis)
  • Most Grad Students are Women
  • Writing the Social Text: Anthropological, Literary Perspectives (Richard
  • Gary Marx Presents Jensen Lectures
  • Good Ideas
  • 1991 Annual Meeting Call for Papers: Topics and Organizers
        Announced: Focus on Change in Regular Sessions
  • Sex and Gender Directory Ready
  • Special Issue of Teaching Sociology on Medical Sociology
  • Sociologists Receive Honors and Awards: Albert J. Reiss, Jr., New ICS
        President; Morris Rosenberg Honored by ESS; David L. Altheide
        Honored by Arizona State University
  • Deaths: Lee C. Binhammer, Robert Bower
  • Obituaries: Helen M. Feeney, Marianne A. (Tracey) Paget, Hubert
  • Directory of Sociological Practitioners
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    Green Arrow Footnotes
    October 1990 (Volume 18, Number 8)
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  • Major ASA Awards Presented at Annual Meeting: Robin M. Williams,
        Jr., Career of Distinguished Scholarship Award; Elizabeth Briant Lee
        and Alfred McClung Lee, Award for a Distinguished Career in the
        Practice of Sociology; Southwest Texas State University Sociology
        Program, Award for Distinguished Contributions to Teaching; John R.
        Logan and Harvey L. Molotch for Urban Fortunes, with special
        recognition to Kim Scheppele for Legal Secrets, Distinguished Scholarly
        Publication Award; Vedat Milor, Dissertation Award; William Julius
        Wilson, Dubois-Johnson-Frazier Award
  • Observing: On Past and Future Annual Meetings (William D'Antonio)
  • MFP Announces Fellows for 1990-91, Seeks Applications for 1991-92
  • ASA/NSF Grants Awarded; New Deadline Nears
  • ASA Contributors
  • Open Forum: "What is Feminist Theory?" (Francesca M. Cancian)
  • Section Award Winners Honored at Annual Meeting
  • Deaths: John C. Belcher, Jr., St. Clair Drake
  • Obituaries: Esther Lucile Brown
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  • Walter E. Massey Named New NSF Director
  • Neil Smelser is Elected ISA Vice President
  • Suggestions Solicited for 1992 Annual Meeting Program
  • ASA Publications: Order through Boyd
  • Observing: Should the Social Sciences Go On Their Own at NSF?
        (William D'Antonio)
  • Inside the ASA Budget: The Professional Development Program
        (Stephen A. Buff)
  • Minority Opportunity Summer Training (MOST) Has a Great First
  • Secretary's Report: The Work of the Executive Office and Budget
        Committee (Beth B. Hess)
  • The "Quality" of Journals in Sociology Reconsidered: Objective
        Measurers of Journal Influence (Michael Patrick Allen)
  • Jeffrey Alexander Receives Gold Shield Prize
  • TRC Seeks Submissions, Announces New Products
  • Harvard Business Review Wants You!
  • Community Forum Discussion: What's Next (Edna Bonacich)
  • International Institute of Sociology Meeting to be Held in Kobe, Japan
  • Sociologists Visit the World Bank
  • James Blackwell Prize and Fellowship Established
  • Lenore Weitzman Wins Harvard Teaching Award
  • Lois DeFleur Appointed President of SUNY-Binghamton
  • An Appeal to Sociologists All Over the World (about human rights in
        Eastern-Central Europe; by The Hungarian Sociological Association)
  • NSF Seeks New Sociology Program Directors
  • More Section Awards from the 1990 Annual Meeting
  • Update on 1991 Annual Meeting Program Sessions
  • Teaching: How Am I Teaching? (reprinted from Center for Teaching and
        Professional Development Newsletter, Sonoma State University,
        December 1989)
  • Sociologists in Higher Administration: A Symposium Introduction (Riley
        E. Dunlap)
  • Where the Jobs Are: Openings in Sociology Departments, 1984 to
  • Robert Groves New Census Associate Director
  • Norman Goodman Honored by SUNY-Stony Brook
  • Two Issues of Sociological Practice Review Now Available (Stephen A.
  • Open Forum: "A View from the Left" (T.R. Young with rejoinder by
        ASA); "What Do We Mean by "Paradigm"?" (Wendell Bell); "On
        Undergraduate Program Accreditation" (Anthony J. Blasi); "Social
        Science for the 1990s: A New Synthesis of Qualitative Methods and
        Environmental Ethics" (Maurice A. Renard and Paul M. Baker); "More
        on "Homophobia"" (Joel I. Brodksy)
  • Good Ideas
  • International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX) Opens Moscow
  • Deaths: Myra Elizabeth Mack Chang (assassinated in Guatemala City),
        Joanne R. Frankel
  • Obituaries: C. Arnold Anderson, Robert T. Bower, Jack E. Dodson,
        Norbert Elias
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  • Candidates Announced for 1991 ASA Election
  • A Challenge and an Opportunity: ASF Fellowships (Matilda White Riley
        and James F. Short, Jr.)
  • Observing: Cincinnati: More than the Reds and Mapplethorpe (William
  • Nominations Invited for Third Jensen Lectureship
  • 1991 Regional Meeting Schedule
  • ASA Departmental Services Program
  • Status of Women Faculty in Graduate Departments: 1973 and 1988
        (Leonard Beeghley and Debra Van Ausdale)
  • Unique Barriers Women of Color Faculty Encounter (Denise Segura
        and K. Sue Jewell)
  • The Graduate Commencement Address at Tulane University:
        Sociology's Pomposity and Utility (James D. Wright)
  • Sociology in the New York Times (William Silverman)
  • California Sociological Association Holds First General Meeting
  • Funding Opportunities and Awards for Sociologists: NSF, NICHD
  • A Decade of the New Chinese Sociology (Ming Yan)
  • Good Ideas
  • ASA Campus Representatives
  • AAAS Minority Scholars Workshop
  • Obituaries: Myrna Elizabeth Mack Chang, George Caspar Homans,
        Constant Jacquet, Gary M. Maranell, George D. McCune, Basil
        George Zimmer
  • Minutes from August 14, 1990, meeting of 1989-90 ASA Council
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