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  • Update on El Salvador: Toward an Enduring Memorial (Stephen A.
  • Peter Marsden: New Editor of Sociological Methodology (Joseph
  • The ASA Congressional Fellowship Program: Help Send a Sociologist
        to Washington (Raymond Russel, Congressional Fellowship Fund)
  • Observing: BBS Task Force Recommends Separate Directorate for
        Social Sciences (William D'Antonio)
  • Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (planning third annual
  • Mental Illness Issues to Consider (excerpt of ASA Annual Meeting
        presentation by Dr. Lewis Judd)
  • National Institute of Mental Health Grants (awarded 102 research
  • Nominations Requested for 1991 ASA Awards
  • Highlighting the AAC Report on the Undergraduate Major: Sequencing
        Significant Legislation on Disabilities Issues (Carla B. Howery)
  • Upcoming Teaching Workshops: "Teaching About Substance Abuse
        and Prevention Efforts"; "Teaching Critical Thinking Skills"
  • ASA Honors Program (information and call for applications)
  • University of California Santa Barbara Recieves Sun Microsystems
  • 1991 Annual Meeting: Cincinnati: A Drive-to as Well as a Fly-to City
  • ASA Seeks Two New Staff Assistant Executive Officers
  • Obituaries: Jerry Walker Combs, Jr., Sakari Sariola
  • Official Reports and Proceedings: Section Reports, Representative
        Report; Committee Report
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    Green Arrow Footnotes
    February 1991 (Volume 19, Number 2)
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  • Robert K. Merton Professorship Established
  • 1991 Annual Meeting: Appalachians in Cincinnati: "A Case Study in
        Ethnic Group Formation" (Philip J. Obermiller)
  • Editors Sought for SPQ, Rose Series
  • Observing: Membership and Dues Structure (William D'Antonio)
  • Inside the ASA Budget: Association Governance (William H. Martineau
        and Caroline Bugno)
  • 1991 Annual Meeting: Child Care Corner. Child Care Program Passed
        to Janet Onnie from Jen Suter
  • Highlighting the AAC Report on the Sociology Major: Goals (Carla B.
  • Teaching: "Making Letters of Reference More Meaningful About
        Teaching" (Carla B. Howery)
  • Open Forum: "An Intellectual Aid Package for Eastern Europe and the
        Soviet Union?" (Charles Derber); "Is There Bias in ASR Article
        Selection?" (Thomas J. Scheff); "Spell it Right" (Thomas L. Van Valey)
  • Toward a Sociology of Energy (Barbara C. Farhar)
  • Sociology Informs an Electric Utility Industry Workshop
  • 10 years of Research Support From NIA (Matilda White Riley)
  • Which Campus Will Host MOST?
  • ASA Seeks Two New Staff Assistant Executive Officers
  • Louis Willie Takes a Backswing at Segregation
  • Obituaries: John Cheslow Belcher, Jr., Albert "Steve" Foley, Vernon J.
        Parenton, Lloyd V. Temme
  • Offical Reports and Proceedings: Section Reports
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  • Keyfitz Named 1991 Common Wealth Award Winner
  • Powell to Edit Contemporary Sociology (Paul DiMaggio, Charles
        Perrow, Doug McAdam)
  • 1991 Annual Meeting: New Sections in Formation: Alcohol and Drugs,
        Sociology of Mental Health, Latina/o Sociology
  • Observing: War in the Gulf: A Challenge for the Social Sciences
        (William D'Antonio)
  • Six Receive ASA/NSF Small Grants; Next Deadline Nears
  • Student Membership Is the Future of ASA
  • Council Briefs. Meeting in January 18-20, 1991
  • Insurance and Credit Cards "Membership Benefits of Junk Mail"
  • Student Voting Rights to be Voted Upon
  • Making ASA Governance More Inclusive (Carla B. Howery)
  • ASA Officers, Committee Members Serve the Profession: List of ASA
        Officers, Committees, and Official Representatives.
  • Council Endorses the Seville Statement on Violence (Stephen A. Buff)
  • Candidates for President, Vice-President, Secretary: Biographical
        sketches of the Candidates
  • A Century of Sociology at Kansas (Alan Sica)
  • IIS Congress to be Held in Kobe, Japan
  • IIS Travel Arrangments for 1991 Meeting in Kobe, Japan
  • Deaths: Edward P. Hutchinson
  • Official Reports and Proceedings: Minutes of the first meeting of the
        1990-91 Council (August 15, 1990), Committee Reports,
        Representative Reports, Section Reports
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  • Lazarsfeld Award Made to Hubert M. Blalock
  • Know the Land and the Life It Will Support (Daniel J. Ransohoff)
  • Jeanne Ballantine Leads Teaching Services Program Field Office
  • Observing: More Bits and Pieces (William D'Antonio)
  • New Mental Health Section Forms
  • Subcommittee Reviews the Rose Monograph Series (Karen Gray
  • SWS Holds Mid-Year Meeting
  • Teaching: What I Learned on an NSF Panel (Carla B. Howery)
  • ASA Teaching Resources Group Seeks New Members
  • 1991 Annual Meeting: Didactic Seminars. Sessions prepared for the
        Annual Meeting by the 1991 Program Committee
  • 1991 Annual Meeting: Child Care Corner. Cincinnati (Janet Onnie)
  • Sociologists Receive Honors, Awards: Light Invited to British Institute
        Lecture Series; Glassman Named Princeton Fellow; Elder Wins NIMH
        and GSA Awards; Rent Honored by Florida State
  • Career Expert to Conduct Annual Meeting Job Clinic
  • Academic Leadership: The Role of the Chair
  • A Question of Academic Freedom in Japan (Jeffrey Broadbent)
  • Mission, Future of the Association of Black Sociologists (Florence
  • First Meeting of Managing Editors Held in Albany
  • Open Forum: "A Critique of the Seville Statement on Violence" (Robert
        M. Marsh); "Students Should Get to Vote" (Melvin F. Hall); "On Bias
        in ASR: A Reply to Scheff" (Gerald Maxwell); "Network Analysis on
        the Bulgarian Frontier" (Barry Wellman)
  • Obituaries: Hubert M. (Tad) Blalock, Mary Driscoll, Edward P.
        Hutchinson, Arnold J. Levine
  • Official Reports and Proceedings: Section Reports, Editors' Reports,
        Committee Reports
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  • 1991 Annual Meeting: Visit Cincinnati . . . Rich History, a Vibrant
  • Introducing ASA's New Executive Officer: Felice Levine (Richard
  • Winners of Major ASA Awards Announced
  • Observing: The Common Wealth Awards and COSSA (William D' 
  • All About the 1991 Annual Meeting in Cincinnati
  • Subcommittee Reaffirms SPQ's Importance and Quality (Karen Gray
  • Council Censures Mississippi State University: Letter to Donald W.
        Zacharias by Stanley Lieberson and William D'Antonio
  • 1991 Annual Meeting: Child Care Corner. Child Care Program for the
        1991 Annual Meeting (Janet Onnie)
  • Salvaging Sociology's Past (Stephen Turner)
  • Sociologists Receive Honors and Awards: Midway College Honors
        Doris Wilkinson; Francesca Cancian is 1991 Miller/SWS Lecturer;
        Brint and Karabel Honored for Landmark Study
  • Government Sociologists Move Ahead with Network (Stephen A. Buff)
  • Media Beat: Jerry M. Lewis analyzes media interviews regarding Kent
        State tragedy; Ed Kain participates in a game show in Hollywood
  • Teaching: Socialization for Effective Teaching: Loyola's Teaching
        Fellows Program (Carla B. Howery)
  • ISA and Apartheid
  • A Structural Solution to Scientific Fraud, Misconduct
  • Consider a Student Prize from Your Department
  • Deaths: Philip Whitney Blumstein
  • Obituaries: Reinhard Bendix, Rita Braito, John C. Gessner, Benjamin J.
        Keeley, Alfred R. Lindesmith, Ulysses Santamaria
  • Official Reports and Proceedings: Section Reports, Minutes of the
        second meeting of the 1990-91 Council (January 18, 1991)
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  • Seymour Martin Lipset elected ASA President; Jill Quadagno Vice
        President; Arlene Daniels Secretary
  • Two New ASA Professional Staff Begin in August: Janet Mancini
        Billson and Tahi Lani Mottl (Carla B. Howery)
  • Executive Officer's Report: Bidding a Fond Farewell to ASA and its
        Staff (William D'Antonio)
  • 1990 ASA Audit
  • Update on ASA Sections: New Section on Latina/o Sociology; New
        Sections Hold Meetings in Cincinnati
  • 1991 Annual Meeting: Annual Meeting Section Update
  • NORC Establishes Washington, DC, Office
  • Survey of Senior Sociologists (James G. Hougland, Jr.)
  • Congratulations to Departmental Prize Winning Students
  • Committee on Membership Constituency Survey #1: Racial and Ethnic
        Minority Members of ASA
  • 1991 Annual Meeting: Child Care Corner. "Kidvention 91" (Janet
  • A Clarification on ASA's Investment Policy
  • Open Forum: "More on the Seville Statement: Three Views" (Jen
        Hlavaceck); "Why Are All ASA Managing Editors Women?" (Harold L.
        Orbach); "Winning the Peace" (Afif I. Tannous); "Preserve Sociology's
        History" (Harold Orbach)
  • Teaching: "The Backlash Against Democratic Education: The Illiberal
        Construction of Imaginary Enemies" (Becky Wangsgarrd Thompson)
  • Inmates Graduate from Oklahoma Colleges
  • The Sociology of Children: A New ASA Section - "Is There Sufficient
        Interest to Establish a Sociology of Children?" (Gertrud Lenzer)
  • Matilda White Riley Honored: Rank of Meritorious Executive in the
        Senior Executive Service Conferred to Dr. Riley by the President of the
        United States
  • Purdue University Honors Carolyn C. Perrucci: First Violet Hass
        Recognition Award given by the Council on the Status of Women at
        Purdue University
  • Sociologists Named Wilson Fellows: Jonathan B. Imber, Jerzy Szacki,
        Dennis H. Wrong
  • Highlighting the AAC Report: "Levels in Sequenced Major" (Carla B.
  • On Raising Hopes on Raising Sociology: "ASA Membership in the 90's
        and Beyond" (Stephen F. Steele)
  • Open Forum: "A Response to Van Valey" (Glenn Firebaugh); "From
        the University of Central America" (Charles J. Bierne); "Czechoslovak
        Sociological Association News" (Miloslav Petrusek)
  • ASA's International Outreach
  • Fulbright Winners
  • Mechanic, Wilson Elected to National Academy of Sciences
  • Late Breaking News About the 1991 Annual Meeting
  • Robert Perrucci Named 1991 Distinguished Alumnus by Purdue
  • Deaths: Albert D' Antonio, Jerzy Kosinski, Isabel Cary Lundberg, Allen
        R. Potter, John Shope
  • Obituaries: Philip Whitney Blumstein, Esther Lucile Brown, W. Byron
        (Casey) Groves, Guy B. Johnson, Harald Pedersen, Norman
  • Official Reports and Proceedings: Editor's Reports
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  • $750,000 Gift Awarded to ASA: "Cornerhouse Funds Spivack
        Program in Applied Social Research"
  • Senate Action: "Social Science Triumphs in Congress After Setback on
        American Teenage Study"
  • COSSA Action Alert
  • Profile of the President: James S. Coleman: "Intellectual Energy and an
        Ambivalent Response" (Aage B. Sorensen)
  • News from the 1991 Annual Meeting
  • Matilda White Riley Named Senior Social Scientist at NIA (Katrina
  • Teaching: "Handling the Hordes: Teaching Large Classes" (Carla B.
  • 1992 Call for Papers: Open Submission Topics and Organizers
        Announced for 1992 Annual Meeting
  • AJS to Publish Special Issue: "New Research Links Medical Sociology
        to New Work in Medicine" (Donald W. Light)
  • Gerald Marwell Appointed Ely Professor at University of Wisconsin-
  • An Idea Borrowed and Worth Thinking About (Irwin Deutscher)
  • Sociology in the Former German Democratic Republic (Hildegard
  • ISA Working Group on Tourism Formed
  • Global Damage from Oilfires: Image and Reality (Claire W. Gilbert)
  • Deaths: Morris Forslund
  • Obituaries: Rudolf Heberle, John Henry Shope, Robert G. Wegmann
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  • Major ASA Awards Presented at 1991 Annual Meeting: Mira
        Komarovsky, Career of Distinguished Scholarship Award; The Systems
        of Professions by Andrew Abbott, Distinguished Publication Award;
        Charles G. Gomillion, Distinguished Career Award for the Practice of
        Sociology; Recreating Motherhood by Barbara Kattz Rothman, Jessie
        Bernard Award; "Citizenship and Nationhood in France and Germany" 
        by Rogers Brubaker , Dissertation Award; Nathan Keyfitz was
        introduced to receive the tribute of all sociologists gathered
  • The Open Window: First Column as Executive Officer (Felice J. Levine)
  • Secretary's Report: "Another Very Good Year for ASA" (Beth B.
  • Six Receive ASA/NSF Grants; New Deadline Nears
  • Duke University Honors Contemporary Sociology and Robert Merton
        (Karen Gray Edwards)
  • D'Antonio: "Thank You!" (William V. D'Antonio)
  • An Interview with Robert K. Merton: "Knowledge Transcends National
        Boundaries" (Ming Yan)
  • Minority Opportunity Summer Training Has a Great Second Program
  • New Sites for MOST Program
  • Quadagno Speaks to Florida State University Grads
  • ASA Section Award Winners Honored in Cincinnati
  • Deaths: Bruno M. Cormier, Leon L. Zikowski
  • Obituaries: Morris A. Forslund, Ruth Ann Pitts, R. Welling Roskelley
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  • NSF Creates Separate Directorate for Social Science
  • Strengthening Sociology's Position in the University (William Falk)
  • ASA Council Acts on Resolutions in Cincinnati: "Lifting of HIV Entry
        Restrictions Endorsed"; "Military Policy on Gays Opposed"; "National
        Health Care Legislation Action" (Janet Mancini Billson)
  • 1991 Annual Meeting: Child Care Corner: Kidvention '91 a success.
        (Janet Onnie)
  • The Open Window: National Science Foundation. (Felice J. Levine)
  • ASA Committee on National Statistics
  • Minority Fellowship Program Announces Fellows
  • Greetings from the New MAP Director (Tahi Mottl)
  • More Section Awards from the 1991 Annual Meeting
  • Update on 1992 Annual Meeting Program Sessions
  • Space for Other Activities Available at 1992 Annual Meeting
  • Janet Mancini Billson on Transitions
  • Open Forum: "More on the Seville Statement" (Sharon Linzey)
  • Deaths: Sr. Mary Edward Healy
  • Obituaries: E. (Edward) William Noland, Harvey L. Smith
  • Official Reports and Proceedings: Minutes of the 3rd meeting of the
        1990-91 Council (August 26, 1991)
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    Green Arrow Footnotes
    December 1991 (Volume 19, Number 10)
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  • Candidates Announced for Offices, Council, Committees
  • Julia Wrigley to Edit Sociology of Education (Edna Bonacich)
  • Demystifying the ASA Committee on Professional Ethics (J. Michael
  • The Open Window: National Institute of Child Health and Human
        Development Support of Social Research on Adult and Adolescent
        Sexual Behavior (Felice J. Levine)
  • Sociologists' AIDS Network Update (Rose Weitz)
  • The Sociology of Children: "A New ASA Section Progress Report"
        (Gertrude Lenzer)
  • The ASA Honors Program: Strong at its 19th Year (David Bills)
  • Robert K. Merton Receives Award on 50th Anniversary of Focused
        Interview (Albert E. Gollin)
  • Sandra L. Hefforth to Give Jensen Lectures
  • Recruitment and Retention of Women Sociologists (Helen Rose Ebaugh)
  • Singout on Sociology (Mitchell A. Pravatiner)
  • Membership Committee Initiatives for Graduate Students, Campus Reps
  • Teachers for a Democratic Culture
  • Global Research Opportunities for Sociology: "Funding Alert U.S.DA" 
        (James J. Zuiches); "Global Perspectives on Sociolegal Studies"; 
        "Human Dimensions of Global Change: A Research Opportunity"
  • Sociology Around the World: "International Sociologists in U.S.
        Fulbright Programs"; "International Notes" (Linda Fuller)
  • Textbook Publishers Okay Major Test of Comp Copy Return Mailers
  • Expert Witnesses for ASA Clearinghouse
  • Open Forum: "Self-Righteous Feminism and Political Correctness" 
        (Eugene Rochberg-Halton); "Questioning Unearned Privileges" 
        (Abraham S. Blumberg); "This Is a Debate" (John Sumser); "American
        Psycho Boycott Urged" (Joey Sprague); "Honors by Default?" (Mary
        F. Rogers); "The Lone Vote to Censure" (William Foote Whyte)
  • Comparative Historical Section Award
  • Obituaries: William R. Beer, Richard A. Schermerhorn, Harwin L. Voss
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