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Section on the History of Sociology

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Mission Statement

The purpose of the Section on the History of Sociology is to provide a forum for sociologists and other scholars interested in the study of the historically specific processes shaping the development of sociology as a profession, an academic discipline, an organization, a community, and an intellectual endeavor.The Section serves its members as a structure (1) to disseminate information of professional interest, (2) to assist in the exchange of ideas and the search for research collaborators, (3) to obtain information about the location of archival materials, (4) to support efforts to expand such research resources and to preserve documents important to the history of sociology, and (5) to ensure that the scholarship of this group can be shared with the profession both through programming at regional and national meetings.

Section Officers, 2015-2016

Chair Martin Bulmer, University of Surrey, UK
Chair-Elect Peter Kivisto, Augustana College
Past Chair Neil L. Gross, University of British Columbia
Secretary/Treasurer Christian Daye, University of Graz 2017

Section Council

Mustafa Emirbayer, University of Wisconsin at Madison 2016
Peter Kivisto, Augustana College 2016
Erik Schneiderhan, University of Toronto 2017
Eleanor Townsley, Mount Holyoke College 2017
Chad Alan Goldberg, University of Wisconsin-Madison 2018
John W. Mohr, Univ of California, Santa Barbara 2018

Student Representatives

Mathieu H. Desan, University of Michigan 2016
Brandon Sepulvado, University of Notre Dame 2017