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John J. Macionis Award Statement

This award is given annually to honor outstanding contributions to the undergraduate and/or graduate teaching and learning of sociology, which improve the quality of teaching. For more than 20 years, John Macionis has been a leader in introducing students to sociology, in developing and sharing technology related to teaching, and in reflecting in writing on the communication of our discipline. Macionis is best known for his textbooks that introduce students to sociology. His introductory text, Sociology, was first published in 1987, and within two years, it became the best-selling introductory text. Macionis’s texts are especially highly regarded for two reasons. First, he has been a leader in developing and integrating teaching technologies. Second, Macionis’s personal and professional interests in the global world have been incorporated in his teaching career and in his writings. The efforts of all of us to involve our students in sociology have been enhanced by his textbooks, articles in Teaching Sociology, presentations on college campuses, and enthusiasm for the teaching of sociology.